Topeka middle school holds ‘egg’-citing experiment for students

Published: Oct. 14, 2021 at 6:18 PM CDT
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - A book is the inspiration behind an egg experiment at Robinson Middle School, where students drop an egg from a significant height and try to protect it from breaking.

Students in the 6th-grade College Prep Academy at Robinson Middle School have been reading “The Science of Breakable Things” in Bre Howser’s elective class. It follows a young girl named Natalie, who is encouraged to participate in an egg drop contest by her science teacher.

To get students excited about the book, the school decided to have its own egg-speriment.

Each student designed and engineered their own protection devices to keep their egg safe from the drop using materials like grocery sacks, cotton balls and marshmallows.

The egg was then dropped from 60 to 75 ft. high thanks to help from the Topeka Fire Department. TFD brought its ladder to school for Bre, the class teacher, to climb up and drop each egg for the class.

“The main point of this is to learn about the engineering design process, so of course I want them to know the steps to that,” Bre said. “But I also just want them to have so much fun with this and remember that science and school is fun.”

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