Homestead Assisted Living is now giving residents their booster shot

Published: Sep. 30, 2021 at 6:26 PM CDT
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -Staff and residents didn’t have to go anywhere else to get their shots Thursday morning, those who received their first and second Pfizer vaccine doses at least six months ago could roll up their sleeves for their booster at Homestead.

”We were very lucky that we were in the front part of getting a vaccine, we gave the first dose on December 30th,” said Executive Director, Susan Bullock.

As soon as the CDC approved a Pfizer vaccine booster shot, Homestead did not hesitate to start the process of bringing it to its residents and staff.

“Once the government approved the release for the vaccine for the elderly and healthcare workers, then the pharmacies had to order the vaccine, then it had to arrive we need to get permission from all of the nurses to get the vaccine, and then we had to fill out all of the paperwork, have the vaccine come and it has to be mixed and it has to be held at a certain temperature and have a certain syringe,” she said.

Bullock says not only will the booster give them added protection, but something else just as important.

“We found out through this pandemic just how important our freedom is, and it can be our freedom to move from room to room or outside, and for our staff and residences, this vaccine means freedom for us,” Bullock said.

Some residents feel the third shot will make them feel safer around others outside of Homestead.

”It makes me feel good because I do have some grandchildren and I would like it if I am secure and cannot do any harm to them so this way I can go see them and play with them and visit others in my family,” said resident, Frances Miller.

Bullock says she knows firsthand how eager the residents are to receive their booster--

“They have pushed me every single day to call the pharmacy, to call KDHE, to find out when they are getting it, in this property we have always been very proactive,”.

Homestead is 100% vaccinated when it comes to staff and residents.

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