The 43rd Annual Fall Festival returns to Meriden

Published: Sep. 26, 2021 at 5:51 PM CDT
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -The Fall Festival is back in Meriden after having to cancel last year due to Covid, but it is back with appealing homemade treats.

“We’re seeing this year that people are ready to get out and about again there are lots of activities that go on in fall like this, we have felt pretty fortunate that we can establish a family like this, last year this was a fast going family place for summer and family activities and to have a wide variety of everything so its good to be back and do what we’re doing,” said Kevin Kirkwood.

Three staples of the festival are its apple cider, apple butter, and sorghum!

“We are making apple butter over the open fire, in a big copper kettle, and thats the way they would’ve made it back in the day, they wouldn’t have used an iron kettle because it would’ve burned, we stir it with the paddle and we just kept it moving so that it doesn’t have the chance to burn and it takes three to four hours to make it,” Kerril Bauerly said.

Once the apple butter is done, a group of volunteers from Antique Engine and Threshers Association, jar it up, ready to sell!

“We don’t have any paid employees and it’s all people who love farming and the history of farming and want to pass that information along to people who don’t know about it,” said Bauerly.

One unique thing about how the products are made is what they are made with.

“This is all with equipment that is up to 100 years old, the sorghum press, the apple cider machine, all this is ways that they did it back before modern technology came in and everything, we have a blacksmith shop and a fire mill,” Kirkwood said.

People lined up at the sorghum stand waiting to be handed a jar of deliciousness.

“You can use it on baked beans, you can use it on ice cream “Oh my goodness gracious”, it’s because it’s all-natural and it’s good for you and pies and you can in cookies,” said Merlyn Mahoney.

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