Safe Streets teach how to find drugs hidden in bedrooms and schools

Published: Sep. 1, 2021 at 4:07 PM CDT
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - Topeka’s Safe Streets Coalition is teaching parents to look for drugs hidden in their child’s possession, in plain sight.

The Safe Streets Coalition hosted a virtual presentation by Prevention and Resiliency Services, PARS, Wednesday afternoon showing parents how to spot places their child could be hiding marijuana, pills or powdered substances.

They showed a mock bedroom scene where drugs were found in books, fake water and coke bottles, hairbrushes, deodorants, and book bags.

“With your child, your niece, nephew, your cousins, or whoever it is that young person in your life that you’re dealing with -- be inquisitive, ask questions.”

Community Prevention Consultant with PARS Lynn Smith said a majority of the referrals they get are students leaving the school premises to smoke weed. They think the students can get away with it but teachers and faculty know from the smell of their belongings.

He showed how students can have a hi-lighter, a keychain, or other easily stored item and take it apart to make a small bong they smoke from.

“These are things that our young people walk around in the hallways with. They don’t think we have any clue about what’s going on.”

Smith wants parents to be aware of red flags through physical and behavioral changes and watch what they put on their social media.

“Our kids are very big in Tik-Tok so a lot of the stuff they’re doing, they’re putting on Tik-Tok, making videos about. That’s going to help you know all the trends. If all possible, try to know who your young person and family members are, who they’re hanging out with.”

Symbols and numbers on clothing can be red flags. Smith said the numbers 420 and 710 are among popular drug references.

The next Safe Streets Coalition meeting will be on October 6.

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