NOTO has now introduced a transformed Breezeway Park

NOTO introduces a new addition to the North Topeka area
Published: Jul. 17, 2021 at 6:20 PM CDT
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -If you walk along Breezeway Park, you may notice some changes.

“Wasn’t too long ago that this was simply a sidewalk that connected two buildings to Kansas ave and we ended up converting this into its own destination, a place where it’s a family-friendly park, lots of colors that make it NOTO,” said Thomas Underwood.

Underwood is hoping with creating more attractions in the area, it will draw in more of a crowd.

“Redbud Park not too long ago and that’s a different type of a park and we wanted to have this as an area where people are coming through that they can actually just hang out and also when they are walking between shops they can stop and take a break and its a very kid-friendly park,” he said.

Along with the colorful cement balls and sidewalk games, the newest addition to NOTO is a giraffe sculpture!

“So one of the things was that it was a recent addition and we discovered it was new to the zoo and so we reached out to them and we said, “Gosh we have a great location for this” and so breezeway park is at least a temporary home for the giraffe and instead of just a ribbon-cutting, Kaw Valley joined and handed out giraffe book and we just embraced the whole giraffe theme, many of our shops down here are offering giraffe discounts,” Underwood said.

Artist Jordan Brooks helped design some of the artwork that is now on display and brooks knew exactly what he wanted to create.

“The point is just a sign of a phoenix so I thought it was kind of like a revised and rebirth of something or a place and that is the whole point of NOTO is to make what we have even better,” said Brooks.

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