Capper Foundation celebrates accomplishments of kids at iCan Swim

Published: Jul. 16, 2021 at 8:08 PM CDT
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - Kids spent the week making a splash.

Friday was the final day of Capper Foundation’s week-long iCan Swim program.

The camp, held at the Capitol Federal Natatorium at Hummer Sports Park, provides swim lessons and water education for children with developmental disabilities.

Each of the 30 kids worked one-on-one with a volunteer who helped them gain confidence in the water.

“Day One we see kids with wide eyes that are scared. They don’t have that natural enjoyment of the water like a lot of us already do,” said Jenny Stous, a speech/language therapist at Capper who organizes the program. “To see them walk up to the edge of the pool and sit down and immediately stick their feet in has been amazing. To see kids that haven’t been in water over their head before, and felt safe for them to really kick around the water has been...awesome.”

Stous says the camp also eases parents’ fears, when their child is near the water.

“I think it gives the parents that sense of comfort that, should their child end up in the water, the majority of them have those basic safety skills to kick to the side or to bob to safety. That’s we want them to understand,” she said.

Stous said most children spent the week paired with the same volunteer, which adds to their experience.

“These kids have had such a blast this week - the smiles, the laughter, the one-on-one attention, it is such a confidence booster for these kids,” she said.

Stous says the camp would not be possible without support from donors and volunteers.

Capper Foundation holds iCan Swim and iCan Bike programs each summer. You can find details on the Capper Foundation web site.

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