Kansans have second-most affordable grocery bill in the nation

FILE - Dillons in Westloop in Manhattan
FILE - Dillons in Westloop in Manhattan(WIBW)
Published: Jul. 14, 2021 at 11:39 AM CDT
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - Kansans have the second-most affordable grocery bills in the United States, with a monthly average of just over $261 per month.

A new study by Move.org says while food prices may be up 2.2% from 2020, Kansans have the second most affordable grocery bill in the nation. It said price hikes due to inflation, higher demand and supply chain disruptions only cost Kansans about $261.35 per month for groceries.

According to Move.org, the average cost of groceries for Americans is $355.50 per month per person. To find out how much residents in each state pay, it looked at grocery prices for each state’s most populated city. It said while Honolulu pays the most for groceries at $556.76, New Hampshire residents pay the least at $183.

Move.org said the states with the highest food costs are as follows:

  • Hawaii (Honolulu): $556.76
  • Vermont (Burlington): $497.41
  • Alaska (Anchorage): $483.24
  • New York (New York City): $482.87
  • West Virginia (Charleston): $427.19
  • Mississippi (Jackson): $423.33
  • South Carolina (Charleston): $411.29
  • Massachusetts (Boston): $406.21
  • District of Columbia (Washington DC): $405.08
  • Washington (Seattle): $402.08

It said the states with the lowest food costs are as follows:

  • New Hampshire (Manchester): $183.00
  • Kansas (Wichita): $261.35
  • Idaho (Boise): $281.12
  • Utah (Salt Lake City): $282.23
  • Arkansas (Little Rock): $282.46
  • South Dakota (Sioux Falls): $286.23
  • Texas (Houston): $286.64
  • Nevada (Las Vegas): $293.43
  • Virginia (Virginia Beach): $298.01
  • Arizona (Phoenix): $302.80

According to the study, those that pay the most for food typically live on the east coast and those that pay the least typically live on the west coast. It also said Missouri residents pay $312.63 per month, residents of Colorado pay $326.92, Nebraskans pay $336.90 and Oklahomans pay $346.66.

For more information or to see where other states fall, click HERE.

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