Trucker who blocked driver fleeing police says insurance company won’t cover repairs

Updated: May. 16, 2021 at 1:27 PM CDT
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POMONA, Calif. (KCAL/KCBS) – A truck driver who stopped a high-speed chase with his big rig said his insurance company won’t pay for the damage to his vehicle.

The crash that ended the dangerous, hourslong pursuit in California was captured on camera last month.

“I saw what happened and I took the decision to stop it, because if I didn’t, this person could have killed someone,” said truck driver Ahmed Shaaban.

Shaaban said if he had to, he would do it all again, even though law enforcement says to never get involved.

On April 6, he had been tracking the wild pursuit.

Riverside County Sheriff’s deputies were chasing a driver believed at the time to be a person of interest in a murder investigation.

The driver led deputies to northern San Diego County, back into the Inland Empire, and eventually into Pomona.

That’s where Shaaban said he moved his truck into the driver’s path, never thinking they would crash.

“Either way, I know I did the right thing,” Shaaban said. “I don’t regret my decision.”

But because of that move, his insurance company is denying his $22,000 claim to repair his truck.

The insurance company did not respond to a request for comment, but in a letter the company called Shaaban’s actions “deliberate,” saying it “must deny any and all liability for the loss.”

“I’m just kind of shocked from the reaction,” Shaaban said.

For now, he’s out of work until his truck is repaired and he can begin making deliveries again, and he said the bills are adding up.

“It’s racking up on me really hard and really fast,” he said. “I’m kind of stuck here.”

A GoFundMe campaign to help cover Shaaban’s expenses has raised more than $88,000.

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