Topeka ranks best housing market in the state

Topeka ranks best in the state for housing market according to Wall Street Journal and
Published: Apr. 28, 2021 at 9:32 PM CDT
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - Rankings from the Wall Street Journal and have Topeka at the number one market in the state and top 20% in the country that they evaluated.

The two entities ranked metro areas according to real estate market data, economic health, and quality of life. The capital city ranked number one in Kansas and 57 of 300 that were evaluated nationwide.

Greater Topeka Partnership CEO Matt Pivarnik said the rankings show that Topeka is now showing the country it’s a great place to move to, even though he knew it before they came out.

“I expect that we’re going to have a continuation and a lot of this really good positive momentum in the community,” he said.

Pivarnik believes the ranking could be because Kansas is in the middle of the country, short commute times around town, and the added ranking from the American Lung Association of having one of the best ozone layers in the country helped.

“You look up in blue sky really is a ‘blue-er’ sky than most places in the country. Young professionals, millennials, they’re looking for that type of stuff,” he said.

Doug Bassett of Berkshire-Hathaway Realtors said Topeka’s house prices were lower than surrounding areas, to begin with before the rankings came out. He said right now, we stand at about 180,000 per household.

“Now we’ve crept up to almost 200, 180 is our current number and they’re still 200ish and so we’re kind of catching ourselves up Which is great because we’re getting caught up to the market where we should’ve been,” he said. “Topeka always had a really good strong way of life.”

Pivarnik said GTP’s involvements, like with Choose Topeka, are showing dividends for people to come to the capital city.

“To see our name up in lights a little bit is gratifying,” he said. “We don’t do a very good job around here on celebrating our successes so we’ll celebrate this afternoon and tomorrow we’ll get right back at it so that we can be on another list next week.”

Because the prices are one of the best in the country, it may put them at a disadvantage when coming to buying a new house though if they choose.

“Prices are great that means it’s a great seller’s market or maybe that turns you into a buyer that has to overpay or get aggressive and maybe when they wouldn’t or you can’t find a house,” he said.

Pivarnik added their biggest problem, which they wish they had for years, was to create this community people want to come to -- but don’t have the number of houses to keep up with it.

the full rankings can be found here.

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