Developer video, micro-documentary in works for efforts to save Menninger Clock Tower

Published: Mar. 11, 2021 at 1:39 PM CST
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - Emily Cowan, a Topeka native and current resident of Tulsa, Oklahoma said she has always been fascinated by the Menninger Clock Tower.

“The Menninger Clinic has always been something that’s piqued my interest every time that I come home it’s always there I’m always wondering what does that building look like inside? What’s the history of that building?” she said.

“Before I knew any of the history just the look of it I mean I never in my lifetime have seen a building with such amazing architecture and thought and detail put into it that was built from back then that’s still standing and so initially, as most people do, the look of it the clock tower how it stands on the hill that’s what drew me in.”

As she learned about its significance in Topeka, her interest grew.

“There’s so much history in that building whether it be sentimental or history to mental health and the strides that they took to change the mental health industry and that initially drew me in.”

With word the clock tower is facing demolition she wanted to buy it some time.

“It shook me to my core I was like there’s no way I can just let that building go without doing something,” she said.

“There’s so much that this building has to offer still as so much that it’s offered in the past and that was what got me.”

Weeks ago, Cowan and her team at were allowed inside the building to document it for a developer video and documentary in hopes to find someone who will keep the tower standing.

“Everything in the world costs money but I personally believe that this building you’ll have a high return like there’s a whole community of support behind you that will support you in whatever chooses to be done with this building and you just have to have the imagination to do it,” she said.

“There’s a ton of buildings just in Topeka but all over Kansas that has historical significance and are important to our history that are threatened every day so if there’s anything anyone gets out of it is just to instead of building new all the time look into saving our history.”

Cowan hopes the micro-documentary will be released by the end of the month.

View the developer video here.

Serious inquiries about purchasing the tower can call Michael Schwarz at 405-650-0005.

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