Salute Our Heroes: Trish Giordano retires after nearly 30 years with the Junction City Police Dept.

Published: Feb. 2, 2021 at 10:25 AM CST
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - Trish Giordano hung up her uniform and hat in November 2020 after nearly 30 years of service for the Junction City Police Department.

“The Junction City-Geary County community is extremely supportive of our police and law enforcement. I can’t stress that enough.”

Due to COVID-19 she wasn’t able to have a large retirement party, but she was still able to celebrate with a small reception.

“I was excited. Three of my best friends from high school that don’t live in the area came and that was exciting, so it was a nice time and I was honored by the people that were able to show up.”

Giordano started on patrol, then moved to drug detective and going undercover where she had to make split decisions, and go through tough times like losing a fellow police officer, Alex Johnson, in the line of duty.

“It’ll be 20 years this Dec. 3 that he was killed in the line of duty and he was a special guy and that was really traumatic for all of us.”

After years of being in the field and getting in physical altercations she decided to move up again, this time to an administrative role with more leadership.

“Definitely being on patrol and working undercover is for the young people,” she said.

She moved up the ranks to sergeant, lieutenant and then all the way to captain. She graduated from the FBI National Leadership Academy and was given her diploma from director Christopher Wray. She is the only woman to make rank and retire from the police department.

Being a leader was an honor to her -- being a woman made it even better in continuing to diversify the community and department.

“Oh, I’m extremely proud of what I achieved and I hope, if anything, it paves the way for the other females that are there and I think we have a great police department and very supportive community and I think anyone can succeed.”

Now Giordano stays off the streets, but continues to lead for the County Commission.

She said the lessons learned from all her positions in the police department will help her in her new position and being politics bring a new meaning to her for dodging bullets.

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