Osage Co. residents continue to disapprove proposed quarry in Carbondale

Published: Jan. 12, 2021 at 10:37 PM CST
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - Carbondale residents had some questions answered at Tuesday’s Osage County Planning and Zoning meeting but not enough to move forward with constructing a quarry.

Back in early December, several Carbondale residents voiced their concerns of a quarry being built near their homes. Carbondale takes pride in their mining community and history, and worry the construction could cause irreversible damage to properties and residencies near it.

There are nearly 40 homes within one mile of the proposed site.

Carbondale Mayor John Ryan said, “A little breaks off, then you blast again a little more breaks off, then five years down the road a big chunk breaks off and then two years down the road, the whole thing caves in.”

The continued concern from residents, as well as the commission members, caused the commission to table the decision to approve or disapprove the conditional use permit application from Hamm.

Hamm is looking at a 15-acre property at East 133rd St. and South Adams Rd.

The residents wanted their questions answered such as who pays for damage to homes, are the tax payers liable for maintaining roads needed by Hamm, and how will Hamm handle material from construction sites getting into the air and water.

“What we’re looking for is valid information on what will potentially be the long-term and short term effects of the blasting,” said Ryan.

Following two hours of discussion, the board decided to table a decision to reconvene and come up with more questions they want answered before any blasting happens in Osage Co.

Ryan said he spoke with the Hamm’s representative following the meeting.

“He heard the concerns and he said now we have more time to address those concerns, so we’ll see what they come back and we’ll go from there.”

13 News continues to cover this story.

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