Friends of pedestrian killed after being hit by car urge for more safety measures

Published: Nov. 20, 2020 at 6:34 PM CST
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - Lyman Road carries emotions and deep loss for the friends of Stevie Turner.

“I was driving through the park to go to work and my last words to her were that I loved her and then I didn’t see her after that,” Serenity Flieder recalled.

“I just get very upset because I know she’s gone and I drove over here a lot and I see it it just upsets me a lot to see it,” Maisie Luck said.

Flieder and Luck have been spending the last week recalling the special relationship they had with her.

Flieder got to know Turner as a neighborhood friend.

“She meant family,” she said.

“She meant more than just a best friend, like there was no label I could put on her to represent how much she meant to me.”

Luck met Turner at school where they became fast friends.

“We were like sisters to each other and we would talk all the time,” she said.

“We would eat lunch at school together walk around at school in the halls and go to celebrations together.”

16-year-old Turner was killed Sunday night after she was hit by a car on a section of the street where there is no sidewalk.

Krystal Pruitt, who visits the neighborhood regularly said a sidewalk would be an addition that would make a difference.

“It would really help a lot of people, I’ve heard about a lot of accidents over here, seems like it’s a high place for traffic accidents there’s no sidewalks, there’s not a lot of stoplights or anything,” he said.

“It would make it easier to walk I ain’t gotta worry about falling in the ditches or worry about cars in front of me or behind me at least not as much.”

It is something that would also be meaningful to Turner’s friends.

“I have to ride my bike to work and I’d feel much safer riding my bike on a sidewalk instead of the grass or on the road,” Flieder said.

“I think we need to have a sidewalk because people walk home from work and little, little kids walk to school with family because some people don’t have the money to get a car,” added Luck.

Luck said there’s one thing she hopes comes out of the situation.

“People would be more aware of what goes on here and make sure people are safe.”

A Go Fund Me is open to help pay for funeral expenses.

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