Thad Metcalfe takes new responsibility under center

Published: Nov. 12, 2020 at 10:54 PM CST
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PERRY, Kan. (WIBW) - Perry Lecompton fields a resilient football team.

“I think resilient is a great way to describe our kids.” Kaws head football coach Mike Paramore said.

“Our team just kept fighting and kept coming back and trying to win.” Kaws running back Thad Metcalfe said.

When the going gets tough, they rise to the occasion.

“Those guys banded together and kept coming in there and decided to find a way to keep working." Paramore said.

However, Week Three provided the biggest test yet.

“We’re up at Holton," Paramore said. "We’re in a battle with them.”

“It was a pass play," Metcalfe said. "And Billy took off to the left and went down on their sideline.”

“And then he was slow to get up," Paramore said. "He tried to put weight on it and he was hurting a little bit. The trainer goes over there and he says I don’t think it’s good.”

“Immediately, I want to know what happened," Metcalfe said. "And then you hear the news that what it could be and what it possibly could be and you just hope for the best and hope that it’s nothing too severe.”

Star quarterback William Welch would miss the rest of the season after tearing several knee ligaments.

“Billy and I have been playing together since the third grade," Metcalfe said. "So, that running back quarterback duo has been one that we’ve built up for a while.”

“It’s got to be tough on him and you feel bad for him," Paramore said. "But, he’s handled it like a champ.”

But, the end goal never changed, and someone had to step up.

“It’s been a challenge accepted.” Metcalfe said.

Thad Metcalfe moved from running back to quarterback. His transition was seamless.

“He’s willing to do whatever it takes to make our team be successful and if he had to line up and play right guard, he’d do it tomorrow.” Paramore said.

“I’ve had many coaches just help improve my skills and stuff and throwing the ball I wasn’t 100% sure and the coaches really helped me here and just really pushed me and kept me positive through the whole situation.” Metcalfe said.

And the Kaws continued to soar.

“I’m proud of what we’ve done as a group," Metcalfe said. "But, the challenge still stands in front of us to go out and win a state championship so we’re really focused on that still”.

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