Hundreds take part in Trump 2020 rolling rally in Topeka

Published: Oct. 24, 2020 at 10:18 PM CDT
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -On Saturday, hundreds of people drove through Topeka showing their support for the re- election of President Donald Trump.

“He’s American, he wants to bring jobs here instead of giving them overseas, he wants to help the American people, he wants to help build us up here and that’s what we need in this county,” said one supporter, Jill Foster-Koch.

Hundreds of Trump supporters gathered at the Vinewood Venue to prepare for a rolling rally through Topeka.

“There was a couple that came from Tulsa, Oklahoma and Springfield, Missouri, so it’s cool to see that but yeah the support is awesome,” said event organizer Jordan Rigi.

"It’s unity, it’s awesome seeing such unity, there’s too much separation in this country right now so it’s great seeing all of the unity. "

The event was organized by Jordan Rigi who says his goal was to bring the silent voice together.

“I think there is a silent majority of people who are just afraid to stand up because of all of the issues going on in the world, you know being separated from people, I have even heard from people that their homes are getting vandalized because of a trump sign so it’s the silent majority taking a stance together.”

The rally rolled out from Vinewood around 4 o’clock and made it’s way around Topeka- eventually ending at the Statehouse.

“We drove by the Governor’s mansion just because we know that the governor is over there and she is not on the right side with us so we just wanted to send a message that we are here, we’re here to support the president and we’re going to vote for Donald Trump and we’re going to set up as a group at the capital and take a picture and support Trump there and wave our flags.”

Rigi says despite the cold weather he’s thrilled that so many people still took part.

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