Public forum for Shawnee County Commissioner 2nd District seat

Published: Oct. 22, 2020 at 10:28 PM CDT
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - At the county level, Democratic Incumbent Kevin cook and Republican challenger John Kabus took questions from the public this evening as they vie for votes in the County Commissioners Second District Race.

The two took questions from the public Thursday night in the HiCrest public forum while outlining their top priorities should they be elected.

Cook said, “Priority number one for Shawnee County is always customer service. We’re not in the business of making money, we’re in the business of customer service and that should be the first and foremost thing.”

“We cannot fish without bait,” said Kabus. “We need to make Topeka and Shawnee County attractive to other businesses and people that will move here and it’ll benefit us as well.”

Among the questions asked was how each would handle managing county employees and the budget.

“County Commissioners need to quit micromanaging the day-to-day business of county government and they need to work on big leadership ideas so we can get more things done,” said Kabus.

Cook said, “Our job is to make sure that our department heads are being efficient and doing what they should be doing. There should be a direct oversight on all county expenditures.”

They both hope events like these, and answering the questions of those in the district, will help earn them the seat on Election Day.

“Coming to community events, knocking on doors, being accessible, that’s all about what county government is,” said Kabus. “That’s all I’m about too.”

Cook said, “Every time we go out, knock on a door, it’s like a job interview, every Election Day, it’s like a job interview. Are you going to be retaining your job or is it time to find a new employer.”

Along with the debate, free flu shots were given to those who wanted them prior to getting their questions answered.

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