Marshall, Bollier meet in KWCH forum

Published: Oct. 22, 2020 at 10:52 PM CDT
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - Another political debate Thursday night drew the attention of many Kansas voters.. the candidate forum from KWCH-TV in Wichita hosting Senate candidates Roger Marshall and Barbara Bollier. They met face-to-face a dozen days before the election which will send one of them to the U. S. Senate for a six-year term, succeeding Pat Roberts.

13′s Melissa Brunner was a member of the media panel and asked “...given last Wednesday night’s word from National Security officials that Russia and Iran are actively trying to influence the US elections, how confident are you in the accuracy of November’s election results and what further scrutiny should they be given?”

“We’ve allocated over a billion dollars to make sure our elections are more secure. I’m very confident in our Kansas elections and just want to make sure you all are confident," Marshall replied.

Bollier, the Democrat in the race, says "I’ve been very pleased to be able to tell people as I go around the state, that they can have confidence that their ballot will be counted, and that by using the US Postal Service, they can know that their vote will get in.”

Marshall and Bollier, both doctors, fielded two quesions on COVID-19, Bollier saying the virus remains an extreme danger to Kansans' health.

“I would hope that they would work together to get something coordinated and actually follow a plan, like wearing masks.. unlike my opponent who has run around the state without one on. We need safety and protection.”

Marshall countered that the coronavirus is causing a great deal of harm to Kansas businesses.

“We should respect the virus, but we can’t let it control us.. and we sure can’t let it shut down the economy again. Shutting down the economy has killed more people than the virus ever will, whether it’s through suicides or substance abuse, increased numbers of people with metastatic cancer if they didn’t get their tests done before, so that’s what the issue is.”

Both hopefuls were asked which commercials against them are the most misleading. Marshall replied on the ad attacking his and his wife’s interest in a hospital serving Great Bend. In a later question, Bollier replied that some commercials are misrepresenting her position on gun ownership, and that is not anti-2nd Amendment.

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