Wednesday forecast: Spotty rain showers at times

Summer tomorrow, winter by next week
Published: Oct. 21, 2020 at 4:14 AM CDT
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - The big weather story is the fact we’ll be experiencing all seasons in the next 8 days from summer tomorrow to winter next week.

You may be wondering about the storm system producing snow Sunday into Monday night. We are way too far out to discuss details on that so don’t expect a specific forecast (snowfall totals) until Saturday at the earliest. There’s a lot of factors to consider such as will most of the accumulation occur on grassy surfaces because of warm roadways? How much precipitation will occur at night? That’s key because that would increase the chances for snow to accumulate on the roads. Bottom line: We’ll continue to keep you updated in a generalized sense until this weekend.

We do have to get through rain chances the rest of this week. The higher chance for measurable rain will occur tonight then again tomorrow late afternoon into the overnight period. This means daytime hours today won’t be heavy with most spots getting less than 0.05″.

8 Day
8 Day(WIBW)

Today: Cloudy with spotty rain showers/patchy drizzle. Due to the clouds and looking at the affects of the clouds so far this week, lowered the high for today in the 50s. Some areas may be lucky to get in the mid-upper 50s while other areas will be stuck in the low 50s. Winds E 5-10 mph.

Tonight: Regardless of how cool we stay during the day just means tonight’s low won’t get that much colder. You’ll notice the high today and low tonight are 55°. This is because a warm front pushes northward increasing temperatures through the night so by sunrise it’ll be in the upper 50s to mid 60s across northeast Kansas. Rain possibly a t-storm is expected to develop in a more widespread nature mainly north of I-70 this evening pushing into Nebraska overnight. Winds E/S 5-10 increasing 10-20 mph by sunrise.

Tomorrow: There is some uncertainty on if we start out with clouds/fog or not but think at some point it’ll be mostly sunny tomorrow. Highs in the low-mid 80s. Winds S 20-35, gusting up to 40 mph. Showers/storms will develop after 4pm which may begin the drop in temperatures in north-central Kansas down in the 60s by 6pm. Storms may be strong or severe with hail the threat.

Friday will start out in the mid 30s to low 40s with highs only in the upper 40s to around 50°. Winds N 10-20, gusting up to 25 mph. We may sneak in some sun late in the day before clouds increase Friday night.

Some uncertainty on how cold it’ll get Friday night however some areas will get the first freeze with temperatures below freezing. Highs back up near 50° Saturday afternoon with less wind than Friday.

Sunday through early next week is a storm system that will bring a rain/snow mix and cold temperatures with lows in the 20s. Right now think the main precipitation type Sunday will be rain with some snow mixing in however accumulation is not expected during the day. The concern for accumulation will begin Sunday night.

Taking Action:

  1. Fog may be dense at times especially this morning, use caution and make sure your headlights are on from the fog or light rain especially later today.
  2. With the chance of storms tomorrow from the cold front, don’t be surprised if we do get a t-storm warning or two due to hail.
  3. Winter will settle in by Sunday into early next week with lows in the 20s (colder wind chills possible) and the threat for accumulating snow. Again DO NOT expect an official forecast for snowfall totals until Saturday at the earliest. If you want inside info on how much snow models are indicating, see video above.
Hail the main hazard with storms after 4pm Thursday
Hail the main hazard with storms after 4pm Thursday(SPC/WIBW)
Explanation of the 5 risks, and general thunderstorms. From the Storm Prediction Center.
Explanation of the 5 risks, and general thunderstorms. From the Storm Prediction Center.(WIBW)

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