De La Isla calls on LaTurner to stop running certain attack ads

Published: Oct. 20, 2020 at 6:24 PM CDT
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - Topeka Mayor and Democratic candidate for United States Congress, Michelle De La Isla, called on her opponent, Republican State Treasurer, Jake LaTurner, to stop airing certain attack ads about her.

At a news conference Tuesday, De La Isla said ads being run by LaTurner’s campaign about her wanting to defund the police are untruthful.

One ad contained audio from De La Isla speaking at a news conference on August 18, ahead of a special City Council meeting on police and community relations.

She said her full comments were cut out to make is seem like she wanted to defund the police.

She played the complete audio Tuesday.

The comments in full are:

“I want to first and foremost acknowledge that on July 18, there was an article published in the Capitol Journal in which I expressed that defunding the police was a very bad marketing term because what it means is what the City of Topeka has already been doing as practice for the last two years. Now, those remarks have been taken out of context and in a world with misinformation passed on so rapidly on social media I can tell you that we’ve been receiving several calls that we have all been addressing in which we’re being asked ‘are you defunding the police?’ and unequivocally, I will say that we are not defunding the police department. Furthermore, if you take a look at the last meeting that we had of the council last Tuesday, we added an additionally 20 thousand dollars while we had a budget in which we cut several departments to make sure that the police department has resources from Valeo.”

De La Isla said she could no longer stay silent about the ads.

“Some attacks are absolutely too false and I cannot ignore it, my honor as a person my honor as a candidate and most importantly my honor as an elected official,” she said.

“I would be damned if I let my daughters watch somebody lie about me and me sit down and take it because that’s the proper thing to do in politics.”

De La Isla is now asking to stop airing the ads.

“Jake, I am the mayor of the City of Topeka and I work closely with our police chief and everybody on the council nobody is talking about defunding the police and if you have any questions by all means go and ask them.”

13 NEWS reached out to LaTurner’s campaign about the claims about the false ads.

The campaign sent a statement that reads, “While Mayor De La Isla said that she supports the defund the police movement and has been working on doing it in Topeka for the past two years, she has never lifted a finger to defund her taxpayer financed travel budget”.

The campaign went on to accuse De La Isla of traveling on taxpayer money as Mayor and increasing the cost of utilities as a member of the City Council.

De La Isla said she is looking for an honest race.

“Jake, politics are not theater; this district and this nation have a whole bunch of issues that we need to deal with-- we need to deal with COVID, we need to deal with the cratering economy, we need to deal with people’s lives that are being lost but the way that we deal with these things are not by lying,” she said.

“I am appealing to your better angels and I am appealing for you to start this race with finally some sense of integrity.”

De La Isla said she continues to stand by the ads her campaign made about LaTurner.

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