Supermajority hosts Women Are Voting nationwide event

(Carly Miller)
Published: Oct. 15, 2020 at 2:24 PM CDT
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NEW YORK, N.Y. (WIBW) - Women Are Voting will be a nationwide get out the vote campaign on Oct. 17.

Supermajority says a major get out the vote Day of Action, Women Are Voting, will bring together women across issues and identities to cast thousands of votes and change the direction of the country. It said on Oct. 17, 94 million women in the U.S. will be able to cast their ballots and Women Are Voting will harness that energy and power by demonstrating their power to determine outcomes of the upcoming election.

“Despite these incredibly difficult and unprecedented times, I’m hopeful because I have seen that when women come together, we can build a movement. And right now, women across this country - of all backgrounds, races and ages - are fired up,” Supermajority Co-founder Alicia Garza said. “They are putting on their masks, grabbing their hand sanitizer and bringing their sisters, their mothers, their friends, to the polls. And trust me, these women are not going to let anything stand in their way.”

According to Supermajority, women have been and are powering crucial movements and changing the direction of the U.S. It said from leading protests against racial injustice to organizing millions of women to march on Washington D.C., to voting in a record number of women to congress.

“Women have a way of putting other people first and that carries through to the ballot box. So, we are casting our votes for a more equitable future for all of us - for domestic workers, for teachers, for healthcare workers, for our children and for those who cannot vote,” Supermajority Co-founder Ai-jen Poo said. “We are the ones we’ve been waiting for and we will leave no one behind.”

Supermajority said on Oct. 17, it and a wide range of partner organizations will host thousands of small voting events, both online and in person. It said the events will highlight getting women to vote, as 36 states will be in the middle of in-person early voting. It said partners will encourage women voters to post using the hashtag #WomenAreVoting to demonstrate the collective power and enormous enthusiasm among women voters.

“Women have been waiting for this election since the last one,” Supermajority Co-founder Cecile Richards said. “For four years, we’ve marched, we’ve protested, we’ve called and written our elected leaders, and now it’s time to put that final exclamation point on our efforts: it’s time to vote. It’s time for millions of women to send the loudest, strongest-possible message to our leaders: that our issues - from healthcare to equal pay, to racial justice - are everyone’s issues. Women will decide this election and I cannot wait to see it.”

The organization said women that have already voted are invited to join one of the 2,000 events around the country including national phone or text banks where volunteers will be contacting women voters in key battleground states.

“In 2020, women are realizing the power of our collective political influence more than ever before,” said Women’s March Executive Director, Rachel Carmona. “They’re participating in demonstrations and marches like ours on October 17, and they’re volunteering to ensure that their communities take action, too. The coming weeks are about doing the work it takes to ensure that our voices are heard this election, whether by phone banking, text banking, or by making a plan to vote or voting early. Together, we will win.”

Supermajority said before Election Day, it, Center for American Progress Action Fund, Human Rights Campaign, Latino Victory Project, The Leadership Conference on Human and Civil Rights, American Federation of Teachers, National Education Association, Moms Rising, NARAL Prochoice America, Planned Parenthood Votes, Service Employees International Union, Times Up Now, Voto Latino, Ultraviolet, Women’s March, Emily’s List and other organizations will come together to unite communities and demonstrate women’s unstoppable political power.

“America’s educators, healthcare professionals and public employees are change agents – our work helps people achieve a better life, and realize the collective power of their voice, and their vote,” said Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers. “Our members are about making a difference in the lives of America’s families, and this election, AFT members – a majority of whom are women – will continue to care, fight, and show up by raising their voices through their votes.”

“The NEA is a community of more than 3 million -- a supermajority of whom are women. Together, we are an unstoppable force,” said Becky Pringle, president of the NEA. “When women organize and fight for our rights, we have the power to lead this country and, as NEA president, I’m going to make sure that my fellow members all over this country vote -- whether by mail, early, or in-person -- because that is our right and our responsibility as Americans. Nobody can stand in our way of exercising that right. Let’s stand in our power and lead.”

According to Supermajority, across all races, ages and backgrounds, women are voting because they are looking for leaders with solid plans that put an end to COVID-19, combat racism and racial injustice, protect the Affordable Care Act, raise the minimum wage, provide more stimulus payments, help take care of loved ones and protect the election and democracy. It said voting is the first step to building a world where women are equal.

For more information or to become a Supermajority member, click here.

Supermajority said on Saturday, Oct. 17, it is asking women to do the following:

  1. Cast Your Vote. Drop off or mail in your ballot or vote safely in person.
  2. Rep Your Vote. Show the world that women are voting now by taking an “I voted” photo and posting it on social media using #WomenAreVoting
  3. Get Out the Vote. Join one of the national phone or text banks to help Women Are Voting partners contact women in target states to remind them to vote and provide critical voting information.

“Women voters across the country have had enough of politicians telling them what to do with their health care, their bodies, and their futures,” said Jenny Lawson, Executive Director of Planned Parenthood Votes. “Over the past four years, the relentless attacks on reproductive freedom and civil liberties, which are felt most acutely by women of color and women with low incomes, have galvanized women across the country to organize, to mobilize, and to win. In 2020, women are taking back our power and will decide this election.”

The organization said to date, it has already reached over 5 million women. It said as part of the event, the coalition of organizations is aggregating a list of opportunities across the U.S. that women and allies can join to take action in their communities and help turn out votes for women.

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