Judge rules against Parcells in case filed by state healing arts board

Shawn Parcells (Source: Shawnee Co. Jail)
Shawn Parcells (Source: Shawnee Co. Jail)(WIBW)
Published: Oct. 13, 2020 at 1:58 PM CDT
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - A Shawnee County District Court judge has permanently ordered a Johnson County man to not perform autopsies without the supervision of a doctor licensed to perform medicine and surgery in Kansas.

The judge’s order also extends to permanently enjoining Shawn Parcells from representing himself as “Dr. Parcells” or “DocParcells.”

District Court Judge Mary E. Christopher filed the 11-page order in the clerk’s office on October 9.

The Kansas State Board of Healing Arts filed the civil case, and the defendant was Parcells.

Christopher’s order stemmed from a hearing on August 24 in which the judge granted the healing arts board’s motion for summary judgment “and ordered injunctive relief against defendant Parcells,” a cover letter said.

Based on a Kansas Supreme Court rule, the judge had ordered the Kansas Board of Healing Arts, the plaintiff in the court case, to prepare an order consistent with the court’s ruling.

The judge granted the healing arts board’s motion for summary judgment and “permanently enjoined:”

-- Parcells for performing, offering to perform or rendering diagnoses in autopsies without a physician’s supervision.

-- Attaching words or abbreviations to his name indicating he practices medicine and surgery.

-- Representing the practices forensic medicine, is a pathologist or is a forensic pathologist or is a medical examiner.

-- Representing himself as “Dr. Parcells” or “DocParcells.”

-- Maintaining an office in Kansas for the practice of medicine and surgery."

-- Engaging in corporate medicine by employing physicians to provide services that constitute the practice of medicine and surgery including autopsies.

-- Using titles, abbreviations or other devices that represent he is or offers the services of a physician assistant.

Statements of facts in the 11-page order included Parcells never attended medical school, and that Parcells performed autopsies in Kansas without the presence of a pathologist licensed in Kansas to practice medicine and surgery.

During an August 20 hearing conducted via Zoom video conference, Parcells joined the hearing with the “login name ‘DocParcells’ appearing on the screen as he entered the video conference,” according to the statements of facts.

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