Marshall and Bollier respond to comments concerning gun laws

Republican Roger Marshall and Democrat Barbara Bollier will face off in November to represent...
Republican Roger Marshall and Democrat Barbara Bollier will face off in November to represent Kansas in the U.S. Senate.(Marshall.House.Gov/Twitter: @BarbaraBollier)
Published: Oct. 12, 2020 at 3:56 PM CDT
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WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) - A video of U.S. Senate candidate Barbara Bollier speaking to a group on the subject of guns in early October is making the rounds. Her opponent, Roger Marshall, says the video shows Bollier supports gun confiscation. Bollier’s camp says that is not the case.

This video was recorded during a “lawn chair chat” event Barbara Bollier had in Olathe in early October. In it, someone asks the state senator if she believes there should be stricter law regarding who can carry a concealed firearm and if those people should be required to have training to do so. Here’s how Bollier responds"

“My number one priority is safety,” Bollier says. “I will just say I voted against those bills that didn’t require even basic training.”

In a response sent to media outlets, Roger Marshall’s campaign says the video shows Bollier “embracing gun bans and confiscation,” and give the following quote from Bollier to back up that claim.

“My husband I actually have a daughter that lives in Australia. They have no guns,” Bollier tells the crowd. “They don’t allow them. They just took them all away. And you know what? It’s pretty darn safe. It’s this amazing thing.”

In the video, Bollier refers to Australia instituting sweeping gun law reform in the 1990s that restricted who could own a firearm and what type of firearms could be owned legally. The move by the country followed a mass shooting where 35 people were killed.

You can listen to Bollier’s full response to the question about gun laws in the clip below:

In the response to the video that was sent to media outlets, Marshall’s campaign manager Eric Pahls wrote, in part, “Even among democrats, forced gun confiscation is an alarming concept.”

Though, in the video, Bollier never actually mentions supporting gun confiscation. She does say she supports proper training, but isn’t sure whether it should be required at a state or federal level, and finishes her statement about Australian gun laws by saying, “Now people can have a gun out in the woods. You know, out in the bush. But there’s all these specific requirements and training. So it’s so, so important to put safety as the top issue.”

Following the statement released by Roger Marshall’s campaign. Bollier’s campaign offered this response.

“Barbara has made it clear numerous times, including in this event, that she supports the 2nd Amendment. She grew up hunting with her dad. She knows we can protect the rights of gun owners and keep our communities safe.”

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