Topeka Public Schools say micro-classrooms approach is working

Published: Oct. 2, 2020 at 10:20 AM CDT
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - Topeka Public Schools says it successfully completed its first full week of the micro model classrooms in Elementary schools.

Through phase 2 of the micro-classroom model approach, Quincy Elementary School are ensuring students have more interactions with their teachers in a safe way.

“We have so many things in place to keep the kids safe,” Principal of Quincy Elementary School, Katie Sonderegger said. “So, we do have several classrooms that are at 15 students, but we have several classrooms that still only have 12 or 13 students."

"What that allows us to do is really spread the students out, gives them some space to move, it gives them their own individual kind of bubble that they can stay in all day, which is great when we’re keeping them safe,” Sonderegger said.

As students return back to the classroom, the principal of Quincy Elementary School says students are able to participate in other activities too.

“You can see that each student, kind of has their own bubble, and their free to move, and dance, and do whatever they want to do in that space," Sonderegger explained. "This is the first day, and you can see that they’re all so excited to be here. In addition to our art room, luckily are students get to still go in. They’re able to still social distance in our art room.”

Students will see more changes when they return back to school.

“So, normally lunch would be a very social situation where that’s the kids time to chat with each another, and we had to take that away from them a little bit," Sonderegger explained.

"Not only are they facing the same direction, but they’re six feet apart. So, we do everyday give them a little break and we put on some educational videos that they can watch,” she added.

Though school may be different this year, one student says having face to face interactions with teachers helps with learning.

“It feels better, and safer instead of being at the house and being board," fifth grader at Quincy Elementary School, Celne Coots said. "We can learn better in school. We know the instructions instead of online school.”

“I think that’s the biggest thing for them right now is just knowing that, "I’m here with my students its different but will take different over not having them here at all,” Sonderegger added.

Topeka Public Schools announced on Tuesday that they will allow all students who selected in-person learning to return next week.

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