Shawnee County Election Office sending informational postcards to registered voters

Published: Sep. 18, 2020 at 6:26 PM CDT
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -The Shawnee County Election Office is sending a postcard to all registered Shawnee County voters, reminding them when and how they can vote.

“This should arrive in the mail on Monday that is our best estimate, it’s being dropped in the mail today,” Shawnee County Election commissioner, Andrew Howell said on Friday.

Elections officials are sending a post card, explaining voting options for the upcoming general election.

“You can vote at your polling place on Election Day, you can vote early in person, here at the office and you can vote advanced by mail.”

The card also has a link to the Shawnee County Election Office website, where voters can see their sample ballot, request an advanced by mail ballot, and locate a secure ballot drop box.

Shawnee County Election Commissioner, Andrew Howell says it will be a helpful resource for voters.

“I recommend you put it on your refrigerator and save it or put it in an important location because there is a lot of information on here as well as letting you know how to get to the website for additional help.”

Howell says some voters are receiving multiple advanced by mail ballot applications -- which is creating confusion.

“You only need to get one in to us so even if people mail you fifteen or various candidates are sending you fifteen of them, you only need one and you can now look it up on this website and the link that we’ve got and you should be able to find the status if you’ve got one in, and if you got one in, you’ll be fine on October the fourteenth.”

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