Man in viral video speaks out about incident outside KU Kappa Sigma fraternity house

Published: Aug. 23, 2020 at 10:38 AM CDT
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - A video surfaced on social media Saturday following an incident outside a University of Kansas fraternity house.

In the video posted to Facebook, it shows a man, Jacob Schooler in his car outside the Kappa Sigma fraternity house and a large group of members gathered in the driveway.

Schooler says he was on his way home and that he took a wrong turn that led him by the fraternity’s house.

Schooler told 13 News why he decided to start recording, “Im not going to turn down the same street that has the paraders going on it so I just go straight,” Schooler explained. “I grab my phone, seen all of them there and kind of how drunk and stuff they are, I just start recording, but aim it down at the chair next to me. Two guys walk out and start to block my car.”

Schooler said as he was trying to leave, some of the men even blocked his car in, and one of them threw a drink into his car.

“I coudn’t believe that, that had happened. I was shocked and I was angry that someone would disrespect another person in that way,” Schooler said.

The fraternity’s house mom was also seen in the video telling Schooler he shouldn’t have been there because he was not invited.

Kappa Sigma is a member of the University of Kansas Interfraternity Council.

The council temporarily banned all social activities for its members on August 21st, to ensure the health and safety of IFC members and the entire KU community.

The IFC said they will have the Director of Conduct hold any chapter accountable that violates the new policy.

Schooler says he wants the fraternity to be held accountable, “I just want shift in culture, people to be able to reflect on their behaviors. To have a the beverage that someone has been drinking out of then thrown into my face is very scary right now.”

Jacob Schooler told 13 News, he filed a report with the university on Sunday.

Kansas University has since issued a cease-and-desist order to Kappa Sigma and Phi Kappa Psi after they became aware of social activities hosted by the organizations that is in violation of county regulations and University policies.

“We have issued cease-and-desist orders to two fraternities – Kappa Sigma and Phi Kappa Psi – and issued 14-day public health bans for the members of these organization. We will not tolerate selfish and irresponsible behavior that puts the health and safety of our community at risk; that disrespects staff, faculty and students who have worked to prepare our campuses for reopening; that jeopardizes the long-term viability of the university; and that recklessly disregards the authorities of the university, city, and county.”

13 NEWS has reached out to Kappa Sigma the IFC about the incident and are still awaiting response.

Kappa Sigma’s KU chapter posted a response on its Facebook page.

In part, it reads, "On the evening of August 22nd, an individual claiming to have made a wrong turn videotaped the members of Kappa Sigma for a period in excess of 5 minutes in our neighboring sorority’s parking lot. When confronted by our membership for maintaining his presence on private property, he became hostile, used aggressive language, and threatened to run over our members.

As an organization, the Gamma-Omicron Chapter of Kappa Sigma has not yet validated the individual’s claim that a beverage was thrown at him. If determined that is the case, that is an unacceptable action for which we apologize, and the member(s) responsible will be held accountable within the Chapter.”

Click here to see the full response.

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