Kansans looking for answers on coronavirus at work

Published: Aug. 14, 2020 at 2:46 PM CDT
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - is sharing the most frequent coronavirus search trends. says it is sharing the most popular Coronavirus Search Trends data, uncovering related searches for each state. It says it reviewed the CDC’s COVID-19 FAQs page and cross-referenced 25 questions or phrases with Google Trends’ data.

The customer experience website says the most searched term in Kansas is, “coronavirus at work” which is also the most popular search term nationally. It says the majority of residents in nine different states are asking about work during the pandemic the most, whether it be from home or at the office.

Sykes says beyond work, Texans seem to be most worried about swimming, residents of Kentucky and New Jersey are wondering if funerals would still be held while residents of California and Florida want to know if the dog park is still safe. It says, however, the CDC does not recommend letting pets, including dogs, interact with people from outside the owner’s household, so dog parks make it on the do-not-recommend-list.

The website says many people are still wondering about safe practices for kids as Massachusetts and New York residents ask about face masks for kids more than residents of other states. It says Vermont residents are seemingly more interested in homeschooling.

Sykes says Oregon residents stood out from the crowd and most commonly questioned on giving blood during the pandemic.

According to the website’s study, diagnosing the virus as well as treatment options were also frequently looked up. It says Arizona, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Tennessee residents wanted to know when and where they could get tested the most. However, parents in Indiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Montana, Utah and Wyoming looked up symptoms in children more than other states.

The website says as for treatment, Alabama and Arkansas residents wondered what any COVID-19 complications may be and the process for visiting ERs.

Sykes says many Americans also turned to Google to separate COVID-19 myths from reality and to find out what they could do to stay safe. It says Iowa, Nebraska and Oklahoma residents wondered if mosquitos could transmit the virus and those in Colorado wondered if dogs could.

According to Sykes, Virginians and North Carolinians searched if the virus could spread through water, while Georgians and South Carolinians wondered if warm weather would have an effect on COVID-19. says plenty of states wondered about disinfecting as well. It says Hawaii, Louisiana, New Hampshire, New Mexico and South Dakota residents all wondered how to make DIY hand sanitizer, while Washington and Connecticut were more curious than those in other states about cleaning products in general.

To see what other states questioned Google during the virus, visit

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