Spreading Positivity to Jayhawk Nation

Published: Aug. 3, 2020 at 6:42 PM CDT
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LAWRENCE, Kan. (WIBW) - Coach Fred Quartlebaum has an infectiously positive approach to life.

“I look at breath as such a gratitude that was given to us.” Fred Quartlebaum, Kansas Director of Basketball Operations, said. “The blessing of life is, is so, so important to me. And I do not take that very lightly at all.”

It’s a message he wanted to share with everyone.

“The goal is to touch one life at a time.” Quartlebaum said.

Starting right outside his doorstep.

“Just made our way down to the positivity pole and today’s message for everyone out there today, ‘Hey, let’s all pour into good vibes, positive energy and amazing souls.” Quartlebaum said.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Coach Q met with his positivity tribe. It’s a combination of fellow optimistic thinkers from the No Quit Living company. Their goal? To spread uplifting messages one at a time.

“We said ‘Wow, we have a lot of people that are just walking their dogs or just getting out for exercises.” Quartlebaum said. “Hey, this is a telephone pole. That’s actually right on the corner of my street here. Why don’t we turn this telephone pole to a positivity pole?”

“We created these positivity notes, which we call them and we started writing just positivity, quotes on them on the bottom.” Chris Wirth, President/Founder of No Quit Living, said.

“My family and I were able just to come up with a lot of positivity quotes to share with our community,” Quartlebaum said. “And just kind of uplift, especially during this time that we’re all kind of fearing or anxiety or different emotions that are going on. So a little dose of positivity doesn’t hurt.”

“Positive anything is better, better than negative nothing.” Wirth said. “And I think it sounds pretty simple, but I think if you approach things with that positive mindset, it just gives you a more uplifting way of going through life.”

Every morning, a new message is on the pole.

“A sincere, uplifting gesture from someone else can have a hugely positive impact.” Wirth said.

And maybe that positivity will make its way to others.

“One message touches one person.” Quartlebaum said. “If it touches 20 more, that particular day, I’m even more excited getting there.”

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