Patrick Mahomes joins NFL conversation on race

Patrick Mahomes joins NFL players calling for racial justice within the league.
Patrick Mahomes joins NFL players calling for racial justice within the league.(GQ Magazine)
Published: Jul. 14, 2020 at 11:52 AM CDT
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says the appearance of Patrick Mahomes in an NFL player video condemning racial injustice was a key factor in his swift response.

GQ Magazine says Patrick Mahomes made an appearance in a 71-second video featuring other NFL stars calling on the league to condemn racism. According to GQ, this prompted the swift response of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

According to the magazine, the NFL is made up of 70% of players that are black, with only three coaches, two general managers and no owners of the same race.

Less than a day after the video aired, Roger Goodell, NFL Commissioner, filmed a clip of his own which showed what the NFL was doing point by point to address player concerns. According to a report from ESPN, Goodell says a key factor in his quick response was the appearance of Patrick Mahomes.

“I understand my platform,” Mahomes tells GQ Magazine. “I understand that my part in the video is a big part of it. I’m in the middle of negotiating my next contract, to hopefully be a Kansas City Chief for a long time, but I still thought this was important enough and this was something that had to be said. It wasn’t something I could sit back on and worry about my next contract, because I needed to use my platform to help. Sometimes it’s not about money. It’s not about fame. It’s about doing what’s right.”

According to GQ Mahomes is committed to the dialogue participating in conversations with other players, members of his family (some of whom are police officers), Chiefs chairman and CEO Clark Hunt and Goodell. Mahomes says he believes the league wants to do the right thing just as much as the players do after his conversations left him feeling optimistic.

The magazine says Mahomes is committed to drawing attention to voter registration efforts, which was one of his topics of conversation with Goodell.

“Helping young adults, but especially the Black community, get registered to vote. It’s the first step,” says Mahomes.

GQ says days after his conversation with the Commissioner, Mahomes announced his support to the LeBron James’s More Than a Vote organization in order to boost voter-registration efforts and battle voter suppression.

Among Mahomes’ other suggestions, according to GQ, a social justice officer was another suggestion from the young quarterback.

“I remember talking about having maybe a social-justice officer that can point people in the right direction,” he says. “So whenever you wanna help out the community, you have someone that works with the team that can help. It was a great conversation.”

GQ says Goodell seeking the counsel of Mahomes shows just how influential the Super Bowl MVP is.

“In a summer of tumult and change, as even seasoned vets like Drew Brees are fumbling along, Patrick Mahomes is stepping up and looking for ways to utilize his new leadership role in the league,” says GQ Magazine.

While the KC Cheif quarterback just signed a record-breaking contract to keep playing for the team for the next decade, GQ says his activism and merchandise sales, which surpassed Tom Brady this last season, make him the face of the NFL.

GQ says Mahomes defies expectations on a regular basis, evidenced by his Super Bowl win upsetting the 49ers, and continues to do so with his activism. The magazine says Patrick Mahomes is stepping up, looking for ways to utilize his leadership role in the league, reading the moment, gathering information and hunting for opportunity.

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