Kansas Co. provides bio-security in the COVID-19 era

Published: Jul. 14, 2020 at 12:38 PM CDT
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - A Lenexa-based company has launched a product line providing extra biosecurity for schools, businesses and community organizations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

LMCXpress says the rise in COVID-19 numbers throughout the area has communities looking for new and better ways to protect members as reopening attempts are made which is why it launched a line of products that can help by providing an extra layer of biosecurity in classrooms, cafeterias or office break rooms.

LMCXpress, a division of the Lenexa Manufacturing Company, says it offers custom-designed, see-through, acrylic barriers that allow people to interact where social distancing measures are made difficult. The company says barriers will allow a wide variety of businesses and institutions to provide an extra measure of security as they reopen.

The Lenexa Manufacturing Company says it has provided rapid design and manufacturing of hard to find components for industrial manufacturing applications in the bakery industry for years.

According to LMC President Stephen Bastasch, LMCXpress takes this expertise and turns it into a unique offering for businesses and institutions needing better biosecurity solutions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Schools, businesses and other institutions need better solutions for providing biosecurity for people in their facilities,” said Bastasch, who also serves as the president of LMCXpress. “We can custom-design these see-through barriers to fit any workspace and complement any décor or design. Incorporating barrier systems like these can be the key difference in helping our schools, businesses and other institutions reopen successfully while providing the safest environment possible for students, employees and customers.”

LMCXpress says it has already completed custom barriers and other solutions for businesses such as Flowers Foods manufacturing facility located in Kentucky. The company says recently it has completed the installation of separation walls in the facility’s break room.

“It was a pleasure doing business with LMCXpress,” said Michael Grimes, parts manager at the location. “Their staff was professional and concise about getting exactly we wanted for the break room separation wall. It fit perfectly on to the existing half wall and blended in as if it was meant to be part of the design all along. Also, when we ordered this separation wall, everything related to COVID-19 was difficult to get in. LMCXpress finished the job very quickly, which was great news for our staff who use the room.”

LMCXpress says the installation was a barrier wall built for the facility’s break room, constructed from opaque, white polycarbonate and measured 16′ long by 3′ high and the purpose is to provide extra biosecurity for employees using the break room.

“Our designs allow businesses, schools and other institutions to conduct essential, day-to-day activities while providing an extra layer of biosecurity,” explains Bastasch. “We provide complete, turnkey custom design of polycarbonate or acrylic partitions and barriers.”

LMCXpress says it also offers a line of touchless door opening products allowing employees, students and customers to open and shut doors and other shared surfaces without touching the actual surface, thereby decreasing the likelihood of spreading COVID-19.

To learn more about LMCXpress partitions, barriers and touchless products visit the Lenexa Manufacturing Company website or call 913-378-3800.

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