SENT Topeka raises money to build transition house for teen moms

Published: Jul. 12, 2020 at 11:31 AM CDT
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - SENT Topeka has a vision to turn an empty lot in the Hi-Crest neighborhood into a transition house for teen moms.

SENT Topeka owns a lot on the corner of SE 36th and Indiana Ave.

Founder, Johnathan Sublet said, “It’s part of our business development wing, which also includes increasing and creating affordable housing in the Hi-Crest community.”

After being approached by Young Lives Coordinator, Deb Jorgensen, Sublet developed a new plan for the property.

“This particular piece of property, we want to donate to the Young Lives ministry,” he continued saying, “They walk beside pregnant teens in our community and work a lot with Highland Park High School and we plan on turning this over, so it can become their first transitional house.”

Topeka’s Young Lives ministry empowers teen moms to make positive choices as well as set and achieve goals.

Sublet said having stable housing is an important part of that journey.

“What happens is sometimes these ladies and moms and dads, they get into a spot where they don’t have stable homes and housing, so that affects all the rest of their lives, the education they get, everything else,” he said.

Building the home is just the first step though.

Sublet said, “We want to get it furnished and we want to see all the technology they need in it, then they can get all their resources here and have different help come in and we want this to be a hub for them.”

To pull it off, Sublet said they need to raise about $250,000.

“We can do this as a community,” he added, “This can be a community win and we can get this done. That’s our overall goal and mission in this is to see our neighborhood rise together and this is important.”

He said the transformation starts from within.

“It starts with me giving out of my own pocket,” Sublet continued saying, “It starts with us reaching out to our friends and neighbors and saying ‘whatever you have, do it.’ It just starts from there. We’re looking for grants yes, but even if the grants don’t come we can’t wait on Superman. We have to be the solution.”

If you’re interested in getting involved or looking to donate to the project visit

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