Geary Co. Sheriff makes heartbreaking decision to euthanize K-9

(Image Source: Aurora Police K-9 Unit / MGN)
(Image Source: Aurora Police K-9 Unit / MGN)(KALB)
Published: Jul. 9, 2020 at 11:24 AM CDT
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GEARY CO., Kan. (WIBW) - Geary County Sheriff Daniel Jackson says he came to the heartbreaking decision to euthanize Krew the K-9 after a particularly vicious attack on his handler.

Geary County Sheriff Daniel Jackson says one of the things his office takes pride in is the trust it has built with its residents and wants to maintain that trust by sharing the full story of the K-9 Krew.

Sheriff Jackson says on Tuesday, July 7, Krew’s handler Deputy Robison was preparing to respond to an officer who reported a vehicle failing to stop. Deputy Robison says he opened the rear door of the patrol vehicle and opened the kennel door to put a collar on Krew in order to respond to the developing situation.

Deputy Robison says after reaching out to put the collar on Krew, the dog attacked him.

Sheriff Jackson says after watching the attack he deemed it particularly brutal and unprovoked. He says the attack lasted for approximately 1 and a half minutes.

Jackson commends Robison for handling the situation admirably by attempting to divert Krew’s attention numerous times, however, Krew continued to attack, jumping and snapping at Robison’s face and arms, which he raised over his head to avoid being further bitten.

Robison says at one point, Krew was able to slip behind him and bit the backside of his upper arm, pulling him down and tearing his bicep. He then continued to try and gain control of Krew and was only able to do so after Krew bit and would not let go of Robison’s hand.

Robison says he was finally able to return Krew to his kennel which forced him to open the door of the patrol vehicle with Krew still biting his hand.

Jackson says the extent of Robison’s injuries is a torn bicep and multiple puncture wounds covering all four extremities requiring 17 stitches.

Jackson confirmed that later int he evening Krew continued displaying aggressive behavior towards those around him.

According to the Sheriff, this was not a case of an overstimulated dog during training nipping at his handler, which happens frequently. He asserts this was an unprovoked vicious attack.

Jackson says since 2018 Krew has not only attacked Deputy Robison but two other K-9 officers as well on three different occasions which caused injuries requiring a total of 54 stitches and reattachment of a toe. The Sheriff confirms that Krew now growls at anyone who comes near his kennel, including his family members, which he has spent his time with for over 2 and a half years.

Jackson says after considering all options he came to the heartbreaking decision that Krew would need to be euthanized.

“This was not an easy decision but I could not in good conscious allow Krew to be given to another agency for an attempt at retraining,” says Jackson. “If he attacked another trainer and severely injured that trainer or a member of the public that responsibility would mine. Not to mention the liability that would attach to Geary County and the Sheriff’s Office. That is a risk I am not willing to take.”

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