Shawnee Heights fire officials provide guidance for proper fireworks disposal

Published: Jul. 5, 2020 at 6:01 PM CDT
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - While July 4th celebrations may be over and the fireworks selling season has wrapped, the Shawnee Heights Fire Department Battalion Chief Justin Zuperku said Sunday fireworks safety remains important during the cleanup process.

Zuperku said it’s important to not treat fireworks like anything else that would be thrown out in the garbage. 

"Some of the risks that we run into is that people will just go ahead and people will put them in their plastic containers and set them up right next to the house those plastic containers might start the rest of the trash you have in there on fire."

Zuperku said fireworks can burn for two to three hours after being ignited, so it is important to submerge them in water once they are cooled. 

“Grab maybe a five gallon bucket about half filled with water once the fireworks have been extinguished and shot off you probably want to put those fireworks within the five gallon bucket and submerge them,” he said. 

It's recommended to soak the fireworks between 12-48 hours before disposing them in two  double-lined plastic bags.

Zuperku it’s crucial to keep cleanup outside. 

"Don't bring them back near the house don't put them next to your vehicles or anything like that they still could be hot and you never know one of them might not have gone off as well too" 

If there’s leftover fireworks to hold on to the Shawnee Heights Fire Department said keep them in a clear container and keep them away from loved ones till the next use.

“My number one thing is making sure they’re not reachable by the kids and secondly with a dry, climate-controlled place.”

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