What To Do During A Tornado

The safest place to be during a tornado, is an underground shelter, basement or safe room.

If no underground shelter or safe room is available, a small, windowless interior room or hallway on the lowest level of a sturdy building is the safest alternative.

Mobile homes are not safe during tornadoes or other severe winds.
Do not seek shelter in a mobile home. No portion of the structure is considered to be safe during a tornado.
If you have access to a sturdy shelter or a vehicle, abandon your mobile home immediately and move quickly to the shelter or vehicle.

IF YOU ARE CAUGHT OUTDOORS , seek shelter in a basement, shelter or study building. IF YOU CANNOT QUICKLY WALK TO A SHELTER :
-Immediately get into your vehicle, buckle your seat belt and try to drive to the closest sturdy shelter.
-If flying debris occurs while you are driving, pull over and park. Now you have the following options as a last resort:
Stay in the car with the seat belt on. Put your head down below the windows, covering your head with your hands and a blanket if possible.
If you can safely and noticeably get lower than the level of the roadway, exit your car and lie in that area covering your head with your hands.

Your choice should be driven by your specific circumstances.

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