Houses Moved For Flood Control - ND

Moving day often involves packing up your belongings and loading them for transport--unless of course you're moving an entire house--then the process is a little larger in scale.

(Kevin Huwe, Huwe the Housemover President)"We've got two of them on wheels right now, we're going to get those spotted somewhere, we're not 100% sure where yet. We're going to get the other two that are on beams rolled off and then I would like to start one more this afternoon.

A city official says these homes on 15th Street near Roosevelt Park Zoo were purchased by the City of Minot--now they're in the process of being moved to make way for flood control work to begin in the future.

But before the homes are ready to be moved, they must be prepared for removal in advance.

(Kevin Huwe, Huwe the Housemover President)"We put cross beams, we jack up, put main beams under and then we put our rolling equipment, which is pipe and what we call "skids" under those and we just hook onto the skid steer and start moving."

When the process started in the morning, the crew was uncertain about where to place the homes due to an obstruction caused by power lines.

But by the afternoon, the hitch in plans was solved and the houses were transported down Burdick Expressway and to their current resting place.

(Kevin Huwe, Huwe the Housemover President)"Going down the street, that's the easy part. They go pretty well, and the road we have--other than lining up the wire crews, that gets to be a little bit of a job, but when we're actually pulling is the time we get to relax a little bit."

Any obstacles that do stand in the way get moved--and those that can't the crew just works through.

(Kevin Huwe, Huwe the Housemover President)"Snow is no fun. It gets everything wet and greasy and your fingers get wet and your clothes get damp and it just makes it more work."

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