Drivers Can Take Steps To Avoid Falling Victim To Black Ice

By: 13 News at 4 (Posted by Melissa Brunner)
By: 13 News at 4 (Posted by Melissa Brunner)

Federal highway data shows wrecks caused by black ice cause more than 116,000 injuries, and kill 1300 people each year.

Jamie Hornbaker of State Farm Insurance visited 13 News at 4 with some common-sense reminders about the danger posed on the roads this time of year.

Warning signs of black ice:
· Absence of water spray on a seemingly wet road
· Cars suddenly swerving or skidding
· Brake lights ahead
· Cars or tire tracks in the ditch shiny surfaces next to a dull black

Stay calm and do not panic if you hit black ice
· Do nothing: avoid making sudden moves or turning the wheel.
· Smoothly lift your foot off the accelerator and glide across the ice in a straight line until you find traction.
· Shift: if possible, slowly shift to a lower gear for added control.
· Brake wisely: if you begin to skid, firmly press on your brakes to activate the anti-lock brake system (ABS).
or, if you don't have abs, pump the brakes gently.
· Avoid spinout: if your front end is sliding, steer in the opposite direction of the skid; if the back end is sliding, steer in the same direction.
· Look toward where you want to go: avoid looking where you think you might crash—you might inadvertently veer the car in that direction.

Avoid potential for accidents with these preventative measures:
· Check road conditions before you travel.
· Slow down and don't tailgate.
· Never use cruise control when road conditions are uncertain or changing.
· Use snow tires.
· Don't rely on all-wheel drive for ice—it won't help you gain traction.

Tips from State Farm Insurance

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