This May Be The Coldest Marathon On Earth

Barren and cold.
The rocky..snowswept shores of Hudson Bay.....Are forbidding
For reasons... more extreme.....Than the windchill.
Perfect conditions.. for a handfull of runners..Like James Buhler.......Looking for a unique challenge
"It's an adventure to test your body... see how well you can do your endurance.")
This is Churchill's Polar Bear Marathon - quite possibly the coldest 42.2 kilometers on earth
Drawing a dozen runners From around the world.
"We wanted to do something different... something challenging.... it is challenging.... it will be very cold.")
No kidding -- Race Morning feels like -38
"Phillip and Sven Vehicle 1..")
Each runner is assigned a support vehicle - save haven from the cold...And just maybe..
A hungry polar bear .
"The key is as long as you can run faster than person beside you.")
"We pray for safety......")
So with a prayer.. and Oh Canada.....
They're off............
Running into the biting windchill....chasing the rising northern sun
In parkas and ski pants... no one is setting any speed records.
A little more than 2 hours in
The leaders are just hitting the half way point.
And icing up.
After 4 hours and 12 mins..... the winner is Sven So and So from Berlin
"There's your bear... yeah.. my bear!?)
"It was the 16th marathon I done... the hardest ever.")
James Buhler is not far behind.... in second.
"Tired.. finished...!")
In the end.. this is about pushing the limits...... not placing...
As the others come in
A warm beer actually tastes good.
"Heineken!!!!! That's perfect.. that's what I need.")
In the end everyone finishing a race...
That's more about beating the elements..
Than beating the clock
CBC News, Winnipeg

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