2 snow chances for the weekend

Bitter wind chill and accumulating snow possible

Much warmer today

Mainly dry today with spotty storms developing in the afternoon Wed-Fri

Workers thanked

The City of Topeka took part in celebrating National Public Works Week.

WATCH: Alaskan moose charges cyclists

A mama moose charges at two cyclists riding by her and her two calves.

Performance Tire gives tire safety tips

Performance Tire gives tire safety tips for Tire Safety Awareness Week.

Regan Porter on standing atop a wind turbine

Regan takes you 280' in the air to the top of a Kansas wind turbine tonight on 13 NEWS at 10p

Want a chill cat? Helping Hands has a few!

We meet a couple of cool cats that can't be bothered too much, courtesy Helping Hands Humane Society.