Another round of severe weather

Main window for severe weather 2pm-10pm, hail, strong winds, even a tornado are all possible

Snow ends later tonight

Slick roads until Tuesday morning

Want to travel with Ralph to 3 of our National Parks?

The Holiday Vacations travel show for our 2018 "Hipp Trip" is a month away, to get details on the Parks journey this August.

Project Topeka launches its 2018 donation effort this week

Project President Dan Woodard says their kickoff is planned for this Thursday, January 25th. Here's how to get ready!

Tax filing, stealing and phishing: Denise Groene of the BBB

Denise encourages all Kansans to file their taxes promptly! And while you're doing that, remember her advice for this month.

Hundreds come out for the Rally for Life

Hundreds of abortion opponents gathered on the steps of the Statehouse for the March for Life.

BNSF Railway Helps CASA

BNSF Railway gave CASA ten thousand dollars and a train ride for Law Enforcement and Firefighters called the "First Responders Express" at the Amtrak Depot.