Topeka Man Heading To Disc Golf World Championships

TOPEKA, Ks. (WIBW) -- On Monday a Topeka man will make a journey to Oregon to compete for a Disc Golf World Championship. At the ripe age of 75.

For some, disc golf might just be a leisurely activity, but not for this Topekan, Jerry Robbins Senior.

Not only is he a Pro Senior Legend Disc Golfer, but he is also a world champion. And he’s no stranger to the big stage.

Robbins said, “Yeah I’ve played in 13 World Championships so far. I started in 2000 and went all the way through 2013. And I won the 70-75 age brackets in Kansas City in 2009 as a professional legend. In 2010 I went to Indiana to defend my championship and I did.”

But to continue his winning ways in 2014 he would need a little help.

Dr. Bruce Toby of University of Kansas Hospital said, “This is not so much an injury that came from his sport as much as a degenerative process. And this degenerative process Jerry has is the most common type of arthritis that develops at the wrist. Now wrist arthritis is not very common and certainly Jerry had a very bad case of it.”

Robbins went to Dr. Toby and The University of Kansas Hospital to have surgery on his wrist in February of 2014 so he could get back on the course. And he’s feeling pretty confident.

Robbins said, “I think I’m going to come back as a champion. I certainly hope so anyway. I’ve beaten all of the guys I’ll play against except one I don’t know who it is, but his rating is low enough it looks like I won’t have too much competition from him.”

Robbins and his wife will head to Oregon soon to once again compete in the sport he loves so dearly. But why did he choose disc golf?

Robbins said, “The physical activity that I get mostly. It keeps me healthy. And I don’t know of any other sport, and I’ve played most of them, that helps your body as much as playing disc golf does. Because of the way you have to reach down and pick up and throw. You know it uses almost every muscle in your body and keeps it in shape. So that’s the best part.”

“I take that back. Second best part. Winning is the best.”

Next time he comes back to Topeka he could be known as Jerry Robbins, three time World Champion.

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