Sams, Waters Dominate Purple-White Game

By: KSU, posted by Kinch O'Kelley
By: KSU, posted by Kinch O'Kelley

MANHATTAN, Kan. – Kansas State football fans got their first taste of what their 2013 Wildcats will look like on Saturday at the annual Purple-White Spring Game. The game ended with a 41-38 victory for White after the score was reversed at halftime, with the first string offense and defense playing for the Purple and second stringers on White.

Quarterbacks Jake Waters and Daniel Sams shined as the duo combined for 699 yards of total offense and eight combined touchdowns, while splitting time between the two squads in the first half and then trading possessions for the Purple in the second half.

Purple was in control of the game on offense with 855 yards of total offense against the White defense. Sams completed 18-of-28 passes for 391 yards with four touchdowns and one interception for Purple, and Waters also was efficient on a 14-of-18 performance throwing for 249 yards and three TDs. Sams also ran for 28 yards with Purple including one touchdown and one 2-point conversion.

Robert Rose was the star running the ball with 141 yards to average 8.3 yards per carry for Purple. He also had one touchdown run, and his longest carry of the day was 33 yards.

Three different receivers surpassed 100 yards for Purple with Tyler Lockett leading the way. The speedster had nine catches for 231 yards and 2 touchdowns. His longest reception came on the first play of a drive to reach the endzone on a 76-yard play. Tramaine Thompson had 161 yards receiving on six catches and two scores, while Torell Miller was an early target often before finishing the day with five catches for 108 yards and two touchdowns.

After forcing the White squad to punt after six plays, Waters led Purple down the field, capping a seven-play, 80-yard drive as he scampered in from seven yards out for the first score of the game. The opening drive was highlighted by a 33-yard run from the senior Rose.

Purple’s defense again turned up the pressure, this time forcing White into a three-and-out. Waters again took control of the offense, leading his team on a nine-play, 85-yard scoring drive. Waters connected with Thompson for a 35-yard touchdown pass with just over nine minutes left in the opening period. After one quarter, Purple led White, 14-0.

To start the second quarter, Sams switched from White to Purple at quarterback, and immediately made an impact on his new squad, finding fellow Louisiana native Miller for a 55-yard touchdown score. Purple’s drive was a quick one, spanning five plays and 93 yards.

Sams kept Purple’s offensive momentum going as he added back-to-back scores, including a 21-yard touchdown strike to Thompson and a 10-yard touchdown keeper to open the Purple lead to 35-0. Following another White three-and-out, Sams led the Purple team into the White red zone, this time capped off by a 24-yard field goal from Jack Cantele just before the half.

As with the three previous Purple-White spring games, the score was reversed at halftime to reflect White in front, 38-0. Waters started the Purple comeback effort as he found Lockett open down the left sideline for a 76-yard touchdown. Three and a half minutes later, Waters found Glenn Gronkowski with a shovel pass from seven yards out for his third touchdown pass of the game.

With one quarter left to play, White led Purple, 38-14.

The start of the fourth quarter was more of the same as the Purple offense moved the ball down the field with little resistance, as Sams guided Purple down the field on a six-play 65-yard drive, with Rose punching it in from four yards out.

Once again, Purple forced White into a short possession as Purple’s defense limited the White squad to only 183 yards of total offense with only 62 passing yards.

Sams took immediate advantage of the quick turnaround as he found Lockett in the back corner of the end zone from 38 yards out. Lockett made a highlight-reel grab to pull the Purple within 10 points. Sams would then carry the ball in on a 2-point conversion to make it 38-30 in favor of White with just under 12 minutes to play.

The White team earned its first points of the game midway through the fourth quarter when Cantele kicked a 51-yard field goal to pull ahead 41-30. The field goal could have been a much shorter attempt but quarter back Kody Cook was called for intentional grounding on third down losing 14 yards on the play.

Sams would lead Purple down the field on another scoring drive, this time with assistance from Rose as he had multiple slashing runs to keep the defense at bay. Miller would get his second touchdown reception of the day on a fade route to the corner. He was just able to keep his feet inbounds on the three-yard touchdown catch from Sams. Purple would then use a 2-point conversion to pull within three points trailing 41-38 after a catch by McDonald on a quick slant.

With 3:44 to play White would attempt to run out the clock holding its three-point lead. On third and one, Adam Weber ran for four yards to move the chains. After three more plays, White punted with 28 seconds left on the clock to give Purple one last chance.

Purple made a valiant effort with a 29-yard pass from Sams to Kyle Klein on the first play of the drive, and a last Hail Mary attempt was intercepted at the 5-yard line to end the game, 41-38 White.

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Kansas State Spring Game – April 27, 2013
White 41, Purple 38

Kansas State Head coach Bill Snyder
On comparing the game to most spring games…
“Well I did not see any grass grow. Let us put it that way. They get a little boring, I think, after a while if you are watching, hopefully for myself and our coaches it is not that way. Like anytime, there is good and there is bad. There are some things we did well and some things that we did not. I thought our discipline weaned a little bit in the second half of the ballgame offensively. We had a costly penalty that eliminated the opportunity to alter the outcome of the ballgame, and that is a matter of discipline. We had too many penalties in the ballgame. We probably should not have had interceptions, but by the same token the rest of the time our ones managed the ball reasonably well. They did not turn over the ball if I remember right. That is a plus on their side. Like I have said about all of our practices, the consistency factor is not there. I think the ones had an opportunity to score right at the end of the half, and ended up having to take a field goal which had an impact for them at the end of the game. They had that serious penalty in the third or fourth quarter that set them back and put them in a third-and-100, and they could not convert that. Those two times without being able to score basically created the loss for them in the outcome of the ballgame, but those are things that you have to learn how to overcome and not allow them to happen and understand the significance of each one.”

On what he saw from the quarterbacks…
“I cannot give you a distinct answer right now until we sit down and scrutinize things a little more closely in regards to this game as well as the other 14 practices. I saw some very positive things with both of them. We saw some issues that we have been aware of during the course of the spring. I thought we have a little bit of athletic ability. I think you knew that all along. I thought we threw the ball with more consistency than we have during the course of the spring, but it was pretty basic as far as the defense is concerned. What I was pleased with, as much as anything, the quarterbacks called their own ballgame and we did not have any clock mismanagement. I do not think there were any delay of game calls. They were making decisions, and getting players in and out of the huddle. What I have said to you the last couple of weeks is just being able to get from the sideline, to the huddle, to the ball snapped is not an easy task for a quarterback. I thought both of them handled that pretty reasonably well.”

On Jack Cantele…
“This is the best day that he has had during the course of the spring. I was proud of him because he did it with a few people in the stands. He hit the 51-yarder, which he really has not done that, and to do it under that circumstance. The circumstance there was if you hit it the White is probably going to win the ballgame, and if you miss it then the Purple is probably going to tie it or win the ballgame. He hit it so there was a little bit of pressure there. I was pleased with him. I told him he could keep his scholarship.”

On what he saw on the defenses…
“It is obvious that our twos cannot play as well as our ones, and we had some problems with both. There were three or four schemes that created some issues both with our ones and our twos. However the ones only gave up the three-point field goal. That is not a bad day’s work no matter who you line up to play against. I am not thinking about statistics as much as I am where did we make mistakes in those three or four types of plays that the offense ran more than one time that were successful against us, whether it was the ones or the twos and that is a little bit of an issue.”

On the disappointment of the ones not coming back in the game…
“Only if they do not play well. I thought today they made the mistakes that prevented them from doing that, truly. Regardless, you have got to learn to play ahead and you have got to learn to play behind and that is kind of the nature of why we do that. Like I said before, we were not as good in the second half as we were in the first half. We made some mistakes that are extremely costly that may not have appeared at the time, but then at the end of the day when you look at the scoreboard and you say you could have won it with this, this and this. A couple things probably could have altered my feeling about that. What I am going to look at when I go back and look at it and I am not going to look at it from the first half versus the second half. I will assess the entirety of the game in all aspects, whether it happens to be our leadership, the intensity in which we played, the effort in which we played and the execution of all those things. We will put it all together.”

Sophomore Quarterback Daniel Sams
On his passing performance today…
“I showed I could sling it a little bit. I feel like I still have some stuff to work on, I made some bad throws. I under threw some receivers and missed a couple touchdowns. But overall, I feel like as a team we all did well. So from here all we can do is grow.”

On calling his own plays…
“It was fun. Being in the huddle, some of the linemen were, ‘Call this, run that.’ It was fun just to have all the guys around me. It’s kind of like playing NCAA Football (video game) growing up, except you’ve just got to stay away from the trick plays. It was fun and we grew closer as a team today. If we work on our chemistry, the whole offense will be pretty tough to stop.”

Junior Quarterback Jake Waters
On how he did today…
“Being out there for the first time in front of the crowd, in a game type atmosphere, I thought it went pretty well. I had some mistakes, some calls that I would like to have back. But for the most part we came out and competed, and that’s all we can ask for.”

On starting with the first team…
“Coach just said it was a coin toss on who got it. We’re not putting much stock into that at all. It was cool just to get out there and play with the guys.”

On what he did best today…
“Just getting the ball to the playmakers, wasn’t trying to do a whole lot because it was two hand touch on me. The line gave me a lot of time and when we ran the ball, we ran it successful. Our receivers did a heck of a job today.”

On how well he knows the offense…
“It’s a work in progress. I’m getting comfortable with a lot of the stuff, but I have a long way to go. But I’m getting comfortable and I started getting into a groove today.”

Junior Wide Receiver Tyler Lockett
On juggling touchdown catch…
“I couldn’t even tell you, I was just as shocked as everyone else. I’m still trying to figure out how the ball went in front of me to behind me. I’m going to have to watch film and end up watching it. ”

On working with the new quarterbacks…
“It’s a great experience, Collin (Klein) has really been able to teach Daniel Sams and Jake (Waters) throughout this whole entire spring; and as you can see, they both have been improving since day one since we came out here for spring ball. So just being able to catch balls from them, every ball might not be perfect, it wasn’t perfect with Collin, but just like coach says we are going to have to go out there and make plays. Fortunately, every ball that they threw today was perfect. So we have to get there and be able to have that type of relationship with the quarterbacks so they know what we are doing and we know what they are going to do.”

On being a captain…
“It’s a privilege, never thought that I would get picked to be a captain, but now it is a big responsibility. Like Coach Snyder was saying some of the stuff that I have been doing, I can’t really do anymore. I have to stand up and talk a lot more than I usually do. It’s a great experience and I hope to make the best of it.”

Senior Wide Receiver Tramaine Thompson
On how he thought he played today…
“I felt that I had a pretty good day, I think I got in and out of my breaks pretty good and felt that I executed the offense they way that it is supposed to be executed for the most part. Still a lot of things that I need to work on, but I can take care of that stuff over the summer and into camp.”

On feeling if he is a different player than last year…
“I feel like I have to step outside of the comfort zone a little bit and be more vocal. Chris (Harper) was the vocal leader in our locker room and I’m kind of quiet and try to lead by example more than anything. But you need that guy that is going to speak up in the locker room, and I am trying to step outside of my comfort zone and be that guy.”

On not having Collin Klein at quarterback anymore…..
“I had a little while to get adjusted to him at some workouts that we do in winter conditioning and all through spring ball, so I feel like I am getting more adjusted. It is different not seeing No. 7 back there, because he has been back there with me for a couple years. But I feel like those guys (Waters and Sams) can step in and throw it just as good as anybody.”

Sophomore Offensive Lineman Cody Whitehair
On getting back into pads…
“It was nice to get away from the conditioning part, put our pads on back on, start getting ready for the season and hitting some people. It was good to be back out there hitting people.”

On controlling the line of scrimmage…
“I felt like everyone played well on the offensive line, even our number two’s. I was real impressed. A lot of guys contributed in their rolls, too.”

Senior Running Back Robert Rose
On the offensive line…
“They were tremendous. That group of guys are a tight knit group. They played together last season and they are coming back to spring ball. They have a cohesiveness about themselves, they are like a unit. It is just an honor to run behind those guys.”

Freshman Fullback Glenn Gronkowski
On who stood out…
“I think everybody, we have all been trying to get better. I think everyone is improving and working hard.”

On his own improvement…
“I think it is more mental for me. Just knowing the plays and stuff because it is a complex offense, especially for the full backs and tight ends. I think that is the biggest part.”

Senior Linebacker Tre Walker
On the play of the offense…
“I think they did a great job. There is always something to work on in games, but today was about coming out and working hard and doing your assignment. We did a great job, but there were a couple key slip ups here and there with the pass game. We got gassed a little bit as far as the running game. As what we have worked on so far, they did a great job. “

On quarterback play from defensive play …
“As a linebacker, they are both great quarterbacks. With (Daniel) Sams, you have to worry about him running for a first down with his quarterback scramble. With Jake (Waters), you have to worry about being at the right place at the right time because as a quarterback, he is very accurate and can do what he did today. ”

Junior Defensive End Ryan Mueller
On his thoughts on today’s Spring Game…
“It was just great being out there with the guys and to work on our fundamentals of the game. It is the closest thing to a game-like situation we can stimulate right now. It was a lot of fun.”

On improvements of defensive line…
“Just having an awareness in your steps and all your techniques. It is everything before the snap. Just like guys learning the basics, and run the plays correctly and the steps. There is just a bunch of little things that go along with doing your job. The spring allowed a lot of guys a chance to get playing time and work on their steps and get their foot work correct. ”

Junior Defensive Back Randall Evans
On the quarterback race …
“The quarterback race is going good. They have Jake (Waters) and (Daniel) Sams. It is really competitive. They are switching them on and off. I do not know who the starter is. Coach Snyder is not going to name a starter since they are both dual- threat quarterbacks.”

On his confidence this year …
“I am real comfortable since we have started. When you have been here so long, just gets easier. You get to make plays faster. I was on the field last year, but I felt a lot more comfortable this year than ever. It was not as nerve racking.”

Senior Defensive Lineman Chaquil Reed
On the improvement of defensive line …
“Everyone has continued to work hard and get better as a unit. As you know , there are a lot of new faces. We are just trying to get a feel for everybody, and are trying to sync with one another.”

On pressure on the quarterback …
“Sometimes we did, and sometimes we did not. It probably could have done more to get to the quarterback. Like I said, we are still a young group, and we are still trying to make progress. I feel like this is an area we can defiantly improve on.”

Senior Defensive Back Kip Daily
On if coach Tom Hayes was pleased with secondary’s performance…
“I feel like he is always talking about working on things as a unit. We made some good plays but we also made some minor mistakes that we need to correct, so we are going to have a lot to work on.”

On which quarterback was tougher to handle…
“I will not focus on the quarterbacks. I am worried about reading the receivers that I am guarding. I did not pay attention to the quarterbacks.”

On defensive backs standing out against the receivers…
“We are all talented as a defensive unit. We all know how to step up. We have been going against them all spring and that has sharpened us up, as well as sharpened them up, too. It was not that tough. We were just playing defense.”

Senior Linebacker Blake Slaughter
On how the defense played against the run…
“I think we played the run on the inside well. We let a couple of runs get outside, while on the inside with the quarterbacks running. Overall, I felt like we were very solid. I give the White team credit. They had an incredible day as well. I am proud of the progress we have made since spring started.”

On how the defense has progressed from the start of the spring until now …
“There has been some guys who stepped up in positions we needed them to step up in and that has made us way better on defense. Guys like Ryan Mueller, Dante Barnett, Travis Britz, and Marquel Bryant have really stepped up with guys leaving in front of them and established themselves as solid players, so that makes you that much better. As a defense, we have a long way to go, but we are definitely moving in the right direction.”

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