Monday Romeo Crennel Press Conference Quotes

By: Chiefs PR Staff (posted by J.B. Bauersfeld)
By: Chiefs PR Staff (posted by J.B. Bauersfeld)

DEC. 24, 2012

OPENING STATEMENT: “The outcome was still the outcome and it didn’t change overnight. We weren’t able to get enough done to win the game, even though I thought the kids played and tried hard, but some of the things that have been biting us during the year bit us yesterday – turnovers, penalties at inopportune times and then we gave up an easy touchdown. So those things are the reasons we lost the game, and until we can get those fixed or do something about them, there’s going to be a hard time winning. That’s what I told the players and that’s what we have to focus on and concentrate on in trying to eliminate those things. It’s not that we haven’t been working on those things, we have been working on them, and we got better at it for three games, but it came back and got us yesterday. So we’ll keep working, and we’ve got one more game to play and it’s on the road and it’s in Denver. It’s a division game, and we’re going to go try to win that one. That’s what these guys have to do and that’s what we have to do. So we’re going to try to move forward with it. Tyson Jackson hurt a toe in the game and we’ll have to see what his availability will be. Terrance Copper strained a knee ligament in the game and we’ll see what his availability will be. Otherwise, guys played and we came out of the game somewhat healthy. That’s where we are going into the last game of the season. I didn’t bring them in today; I gave them off today, so that the coaches could get their work done so that the coaches could stay home tomorrow and have a Christmas with their families. Then the players are off Tuesday also. They’ll be back Wednesday, and we have a full week starting Wednesday. It’s a normal Wednesday, Thursday, Friday; we travel on Saturday and play on Sunday. So that’s the week. So with that, go ahead.”

ADAM TEICHER (KANSAS CITY STAR): What’s your message this week? Anything out of the normal?

CRENNEL: “No, not really, other than the fact that this is the last game of the year and the thing that I don’t want us to do is I don’t want us to fall apart and just go out there and not give effort, not play hard, those kind of things. And they’ve done a nice job all year of staying together, not pointing fingers and continuing to try to play hard and win games. So that’s what I want them to do in this last game of the year.”

TEICHER: Is that a concern of yours at all?

CRENNEL: “Well sure. We’ve talked about it in here. At some point, when the season is not going good, there’s always the possibility that things could fall apart and to the credit of these guys, it hasn’t fallen apart in the locker room. They’ve pulled together for each other, they work hard during the week. We’ve just come up short on Sundays. That’s the way it’s been all year.”

TEICHER: Will Brady Quinn be your quarterback on Sunday?

CRENNEL: “At the time being, yes.”

TEICHER: That’s subject to change though?

CRENNEL: “Well every position is subject to change, and you know we talk about that during the course of the year – everything gets evaluated and then if a decision needs to be made it will be made. And if I make a decision I’ll let you know what I make.”

KAREN KORNACKI (KMBC): I don’t know if there is any other coach who has had to face as much adversity as you have had this year. But when you have an assistant coach who gets a DUI last night and that’s all people want to talk about, how do you deal with that, especially when you want your players to be able to look up to your coaches?

CRENNEL: “Well, I think we are aware of that situation. That’s being investigated, and we don’t have all the facts about that and we’ll gather the facts, as well as the NFL, and we’ll see where that leads us. We do not condone DUIs; that’s not the right thing to do. So, I think that everybody knows that educating people about the hazards of driving under the influence is really what takes place and what needs to get done. So you do that to the best of your ability and then people have to make their choices, and they do make their choices and hopefully they make the right choices.”

KORNACKI: Can you believe the amount that you’ve had to deal with off-the-field this season?

CRENNEL: “Well, in this business, a coach told me that there are three things that happen every day that you cannot plan for, you don’t expect to happen, and generally that’s the case. So you have to be flexible, you have to deal with whatever comes up and you have to go forward.”

TEICHER: Will he coach this weekend?

CRENNEL: “Well, like I said, it’s still being investigated and nothing has been determined at this point.”

KORNACKI: Can you take much from the last time you faced Denver and use it as you prepare for this game?

CRENNEL: “Well I hope so because generally when you play an opponent, you find out some things about them, about how you need to play them, maybe what you can do a little bit better to help yourself. And we played a decent game against them. They had to drive at the end. So if we can play that type of game and then we come out on top at the end that will be wonderful.”

REID FERRIN (CHIEFS INSIDER): What does it say to you that Brady Quinn stood up yesterday and took all the blame for the loss?

CRENNEL: “Sounds like he’s a standup guy. He understands that the quarterback position – just like the head coaching position – the buck stops at your desk. He understands that, and when things don’t go well offensively, he knows that the quarterback is scrutinized. He understands that, so that’s a standup guy who will stand up and say that.”

FERRIN: Can you appreciate what your running backs and the offensive line was able to do yesterday despite the loss?

CRENNEL: “You know that the runners, particularly Jamaal (Charles), have been a bright spot for this team all year. He’s been consistent with his ability to make big plays, and we’ve been able to run the ball against many teams. That’s something that we need to do and have to do to give ourselves the chance to be in the game, to be competitive and go from there.”

JEFFREY FLANAGAN (FOX SPORTS KANSAS CITY): Is Brady trying too hard to force some things?

CRENNEL: “I think one interception yesterday he could have done a much better job with, and he’ll tell you that. The other interception, he was hit as he released the ball, which caused the interception.”

BOB GRETZ (BOBGRETZ.COM): When turnovers are still happening in Week 15 is it that because your team isn’t paying attention or they’re just not good enough to make the corrections?

CRENNEL: “I think they pay attention, but sometimes what happens in the game is they forget what you tell them. A lot of times the stress of the situation that they’re in, the pressure that may be applied on the football field by other players, by themselves, sometimes they try to rush they’re decisions or don’t take enough time to evaluate they’re decision and you’ll get a turnover as a result of it. Take a running back who is trying to run and gain extra yards, he makes a cut and he’s running and sees some daylight, but he doesn’t see the linebacker who is coming from the side who sticks his hand in and pokes the ball out. They’ve been taught to carry the ball high and tight and all those good things, and on their mind, that’s what they think that they’re doing. But it might not be as high and tight as it needs to be, and then the ball comes out.”

GRETZ: Do you sit here today still convinced this team has enough talent to win?

CRENNEL: “Yeah, I think we have talent on this team. We haven’t won, but we still have talent on this team.”

TEICHER: Can you look back at the preseason and see you’d have struggles like you’ve had this season?

CRENNEL: “Not so much in the preseason because in the preseason you’re playing so many different players, you’re looking at so many different guys. I think once the regular season starts, you begin to see some things unfold, and you say, ‘Well, we need to do better at this or we need to do this better.’ You try to improve every week if you can.”

TEICHER: Was there a point when you said, this team isn’t going to be what we maybe thought it was going to be?

CRENNEL: “What was it about midway through the season when we started talking about all the turnovers that we had, and then we felt like we had to begin to do some things to try to improve it? That was probably the point when it wasn’t what I anticipated it was going to be.”

KORNACKI: Have you been thinking about what this team needs to make it what you think is there?

CRENNEL: “You kind of maybe let that run through your mind a little bit, but you don’t dwell on it because you have to dwell on the here and now. After the season when you evaluate the team, evaluate the performance totally, then that’s when you can put that puzzle together about what you think you need to really improve the team.”

LIEF LISEC (METRO SPORTS): Are there three things a day that come up that you don’t expect?

CRENNEL: “About three things a day.”

LISEC: Is that the difference between being an assistant coach and a head coach?

CRENNEL: “The head coach has to deal with them. They impact the assistants as well, but the assistants don’t have to deal with them at the level that the head coach does. So, dealing with them is the thing that the head coach has to be able to handle and do.”

GRETZ: There was a guy that said once that he didn’t feel like he coached anymore, but his No. 1 job was to problem-solve.

CRENNEL: “Well, that’s part of it at times.”

KORNACKI: In a season like this when things aren’t going well, can you talk about what makes you happy when you think about Christmas and what it means to you and your family?

CRENNEL: “I haven’t been in many seasons like this, so that might be difficult other than the fact that Christmas is always a great time of year, great time to be with family. You have memories about your childhood, about a gift that you might have been anticipating that you got, that Santa left under the tree. That’s always a good time, and being able to be with family and see friends and family. That’s what Christmas is all about. That’s good.”

KORNACKI: What did you tell the players after giving them today and tomorrow off?

CRENNEL: “I told them to enjoy they’re family and their time off and to be mindful of the value that those families have to them. I told them to have a Merry Christmas.”

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