Lincoln Women, Pittsburg State Men Win MIAA Track

By: MIAA Sports Information (posted by J.B. Bauersfeld)
By: MIAA Sports Information (posted by J.B. Bauersfeld)

Kansas City, Mo. – The three day MIAA Outdoor Men’s and Women’s Track and Field Championship came to an end today in Hays, Kan. Lincoln University won the women’s championship scoring well over 100 points more than their nearest competitor. On the men’s side Pittsburg State edged out Missouri Southern to take home the title.

Things got going at the meet with the multiple events as Central Missouri Zoe Sharplin edged out teammate Victoria Jackson to win the Women’s Heptathlon. In the Men’s Decathlon Brent Vogel of Central Missouri scored 6,925 points to win the event.

The events got going in the field where Pittsburg State’s Larissa Richards used a throw of 171’ 4” to win the MIAA Championship in the women’s discus. This was followed up in the jump pits where Meelis Siimson of Central Missouri jumped 24’ 8.25” to earn an MIAA title in the long jump. While on the women’s side Emporia State’s Carmen King jumped 19’ 1.25”, which was less than an inch farther than her teammate Peyton Weiss to win ESU’s first MIAA title of the meet.

Lindenwood would pick up their first MIAA outdoor track and field title a little later when Mitchell Heady used a throw of 201’ 6” to win the men’s hammer. Lindenwood made it a sweep as Lindsay Blackwell had a throw of 167’ 8” to take the event. In the men’s pole vault Will Haer of Northwest Missouri jumped 16’ 3.50” to win the MIAA Championship. On the women’s side Missouri Southern went one and two with Ashleigh McFarland winning the championship.

In the men’s shot put, Max Alonso of Fort Hays State had a throw of 56’ 10” to earn the Championship in front of his home crowd. Larissa Richards of Pittsburg State used a throw of 50’ 6.25” to win the women’s shot put. Things then moved to the triple jump where Lincoln’s Sheri Kaye Campbell jumped 40’ 9.75” to earn the MIAA crown. For the men Darion Boure of Missouri Southern jumped 51’ 10.5” to earn an MIAA title.

In the men’s javelin Central Missouri’s Chris Swearingin pulled out a throw of 203’ to earn the MIAA title. Fort Hays State’s Makayla McPhail won the women’s javelin with a 157’ 10” mark.

In the high jump, Briar Ploude of Emporia State, cleared 6’ 11.75” to win the MIAA title on the men’s side. For the women Central Oklahoma’s Lacey Rhodes jumped 5’ 8” to win the MIAA title.

Things got going on the track with the 10,000m as Karen Grauel of Truman ran a 36:35.54 to run away with the MIAA Championship. Fort Hays State Cory Keehn ran a 31:35.70 to take men’s 10,000m run. The final day of running opened with the men’s 4x100m relay which say Pittsburg State beat Missouri Southern by just tenths of a second. It was then on to the women where Lincoln set a MIAA record 45.24 pace, breaking their own record from 2011, to win the event.

Water the got involved as the men’s 3,000m steeplechase got underway and Nick Knudson of Nebraska-Kearney finished in 9:19.15 just ahead of Southwest Baptist’s Phillip Miller to take the MIAA title. On the women’s side Anne Herbert of Northwest Missouri ran away from the field finishing in 11:19.53 to win the meet.

In the men’s 1,500m Tanner Fruit of Nebraska-Kearney won in a 3:55.46 pace. For the women Twishana Williams of Lincoln finished in 4:33.37 to win the MIAA Championship.

Next the hurdles were brought out on the track as Sabiel Anderson of Lincoln ran a 13.99 in the 110m hurdles. In the women’s 100m hurdles Anna-Kay James of Lincoln ran 13.55 to win the race and automatically qualify for the National Championship. Hurdles then came off the track and William Shell of Southwest Baptist won the men’s 400m dash with a 48.73 time. For the women Donna-Lee Hylton finished in 53.55 to win them MIAA title in front of teammate Yanique Haye.

The sprints were up next as Romel Lewis of Lincoln ran a 10.26 to earn the victory for his team. For the women his teammate Yanique Ellington ran an 11.81 to make it a Lincoln sweep in the event. Central Missouri’s Kellen Loch won the men’s 800m run finishing with a 1:52.38 time. On the women’s side Lovan Palmer ran a 2:09.66 to earn the win for Lincoln University.

Hurdles again moved back onto the track as Sabiel Anderson of Lincoln won the race in a 51.51 pace over 400m. Yanique Haye made it a Lincoln sweep as she best teammate Michelle Cumberbatch in the women’s 400m hurdles. In the men’s 200m dash Jeff Fraley ran a 21.14 to best Keenan Soles of Pittsburg State. For the women Lincoln finished one and two as Donna-Lee Hylton ran a 23.070 and Yanique Haye finished in 24.20.

The long races closed out the day as Dalton Moberly ran a 14:53.18 for Central Missouri to win the men’s 5,000m. In the women’s race Twishanna Williams ran an 18:00.86 to earn the MIAA title.

The meet concluded with the 4x400m relay where the Lincoln men came out victorious. The Lincoln women made it a sweep setting a 3:42.42 pace.

Top 3 Finishers Listed

Decathlon (M) 1. Brent Vogel, UCM 6,925
2. Dillon Schrodt, UNK 6,757
3. Payson Maydew, ESU 6,615
Heptathlon (W) 1. Zoe Sharplin, UCM 5,069
2. Victoria Jackson, UCM 4,755
3. Rebecca Nelson, TSU 4,541
Discus (W) 1. Larissa Richards, PSU 171-04 (Meet Record)
2. Brooke Swearingin, UCM 156-10
3. Jessica Ecker, LU 148-07
Hammer Throw (M) 1. Mitch Heady, LWU 201-06
2. Dustin Green, MSU 194-08
3. Luke Wilson, PSU 180-05
Long Jump (W) 1. Carmen King, ESU 19-01.25
2. Peyton Weiss, ESU 19-00.50
3. Kaylee Morgan, MSU 18-11.75
Long Jump (M) 1. Meelis Simon, UCM 24-08.25
2. Keenan Soles, PSU 24-07.75
3. Steven Mann, PSU 24-04.50
Pole Vault (M) 1. Will Haer, NWMSU 16-03.50
2. Michael Juergens, MSU 16-03.50
3. Brady Tien, FHSU 15-11.75
Hammer Throw (W) 1. Lindsey Blackwell, LWU 167-08
2. Larissa Richards, PSU 164-04
3. Brooke Swearingin, UCM 161-02
Discus (M) 1. Max Alonso, FHSU 190-10 (Meet Record)
2. John Talbert, PSU 170-00
3. Bryan Kertz, LWU 167-07
Pole Vault (W) 1. Ashleigh McFarland, MSU 12-05.50
2. Sydney Haase, MSU 12-05.50
3. Maggie Wilson, ESU 12-01.50
10,000 Meters (M) 1. Cory Keehn, FHSU 31:35.70
2. Bryan Hill, UNK 31:40.56
3. Dalton Moberly, UCM 31:40.62
10,000 Meters (W) 1. Karen Grauel, TSU 36:35.54
2. Twishana Williams, LU 36:53.89
3. Hannah DeVries, PSU 36:54.51
Shot Put (M) 1. Max Alonso, FHSU 56-10.00
2. Zak Thompson, UCM 55-03.75
3. Seth Hackney, MSU 54-00.00
Shot Put (W) 1. Larissa Richards, PSU 50-06.25
2. Kylie Cornman, MSU 46-08.00
3. Charrisa Wall, PSU 44-01.50
Triple Jump (M) 1. Darion Boure, MSU 51-20.50
2. Marquise Cushon, PSU 50-10.00
3. Marty Molina, UNK 50-04.50
Triple Jump (W) 1. Sheri Kaye Campbell, LU 40-09.75
2. Brittani Reagan, MSU 40-02.25
3. Daniele Newman, LU 39-01.75
High Jump (W) 1. Lacey Rhodes, UCO 5-08.00
2. Sheri Kaye Campbell, LU 5-07.00
3. Gabriella Saravia, FHSU 5-05.00
3. Whitney Hardy, MSU 5-05.00
Javelin (M) 1. Chris Swearingin, UCM 203-00
2. Carl McCargo, UCM 200-03
3. Adam Farnow, PSU 195-10
4x100 Meter Relay (M) 1. Pittsburg State 40.89
2. Missouri Southern 40.92
3. Emporia State 41.02
4x100 Meter Relay (W) 1. Lincoln 45.24 (Meet Record)
2. Emporia State 47.31
3. Central Oklahoma 48.27
3000 Meter Steeplechase (M) 1. Nick Knudson, UNK 9:14.03
2. Phillip Miller, SBU 9:15.41
3. Talon Thompson, PSU 9:25.54
3000 Meter Steeplechase (W) 1. Anne Herbert, NWMSU 11:19.53
2. Erica Testa, PSU 11:45.56
3. Emma Burditt, TSU 11:48.56
1500 Meters (M) 1. Tanner Fruit, UNK 3:55.46
2. Adam Volkert, PSU 3:55.89
3. Trenton Morris, SBU 3:57.55
1500 Meters (W) 1. Twishana Williams, LU 4:33.37
2. Tanyaradzwa Chibanda, LWU 4:42.06
3. Amanda Callaway, PSU 4:43.11
110 Meter Hurdles (M) 1. Sabiel Anderson, LU 13.99
2. Andrew Etheridge, ESU 14.23
3. Gannon Mack, ESU 14.32
100 Meter Hurdles (W) 1. Anna-Kay James, LU 13.55
2. Juneille Barker, LU 13.92
3. Zoe Sharplin, UCM 13.99
400 Meters (M) 1. William Shell, SBU 46.87
2. Michael Ashley, LU 47.26
3. Eli Smith, NWMSU 47.69
400 Meters (W) 1. Donna-Lee Hylton, LU 53.55
2. Yanique Haye, LU 53.70
3. Michelle Cumberbatch, LU 54.75
High Jump (M) 1. Briar Ploude, ESU 6-11.75
2. Devin Claypool, UCM 6-10.75
3. Kevin Frank, UCM 6-07.50
Javelin (W) 1. Makayla McPhail, FHSU 157-10
2. Mary Riley, UCM 147-08
3. Aimi Orton, PSU 140-11
100 Meters (M) 1. Romel Lewis, LU 10.26
2. Deneko Brown, SBU 10.41
3. Shjuan Richardson, ESU 10.48
100 Meters (W) 1. Yanique Ellington, LU 11.81
2. Cardine Copeland, LU 11.89
3. Corie Chuning, SBU 12.01
800 Meters (M) 1. Kellin Loch, UCM 1:52 .38
2. Jermaine Blake, LU 1:52.99
3. Paul Pape, UNK 1:53.07
800 Meters (W) 1. Lovan Palmer, LU 2:09.66 (Meet Record)
2. Marrisa Bongers, UNK 2:10.48
3. Twishana Williams, LU 2:11.37
400 Meter Hurdles (M) 1. Sabiel Anderson, LU 51.51
2. Gannon Mack, ESU 52.68
3. Ryan Ramler, PSU 53.06
400 Meter Hurdles (W) 1. Yanique Haye, LU 59.14
2. Michelle Cumberbatch, LU 59.84
3.Emily Ballock, PSU 1:00.25
200 Meters (M) 1. Jefferey Fraley, MSU 21.14
2. Keenan Soles, PSU 21.17
3. Michael Ashley, LU 21.48
200 Meters (W) 1. Donna-Lee Hylton, LU 23.70
2. Yanique Ellington, LU 24.20
3. Jasmin Hughes, MSU 24.35
5000 Meters (M) 1. Dalton Moberly, UCM 14:53.18
2. Adam Volkert, PSU 15:01.61
3. Tanner Fruit, UNK 15:01.88
5000 Meters (W) 1. Twishana Williams, LU 17:51.18
2. Karen Grauel, TSU 18:01.57
3. Ahsley Wolkomir, SBU 18:20.65
4x400 Meter Relay (M) 1. Lincoln 3:11.30
2. Missouri Southern 3:12.95
3. Central Missouri 3:13.27
4x400 Meter Relay (W) 1. Lincoln 3:42.42
2. Emporia State 3:48.99
3. Pittsburg State 3:49.56

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