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By: Chiefs PR Staff (posted by J.B. Bauersfeld)
By: Chiefs PR Staff (posted by J.B. Bauersfeld)

Defensive Coordinator Bob Sutton
OTA Quotes
May 28, 2013

Q: How is it going out there with the defense?

SUTTON: “We’ve got a real good group of guys. It’s kind of a mix of young and experienced guys. I think we’re blessed with some really good talent on the edges there which really makes any defense much more difficult to handle. I’ve been really pleased with the way everybody has gotten involved in the system and tried to take it on. One of the things that we’ve really tried to get everybody to understand is that we’re trying to develop a culture here, not only how we do something but the way we do it. To me, that’s just as critical learning the X’s and O’s, the blitzes, the coverages, etc., because I think that’s the one element that allows you to sustain through all parts of the season. We know every season in the NFL has its ups and downs. When you have this culture, which is just a learned behavioral pattern, I think it really helps you. That’s one of the things that the guys have really tried to embrace, buy into. Anytime they start to reflect those same views out there, I think you’re moving in the right direction.”

Q: Can you elaborate on what you’re talking about?

SUTTON: “I think just the way you come to work every day. This is important that when you come into that room that you come in there excited to be in that room. We want the room to be enjoyable. We don’t want drudgery coming into that room. It’s hard work. You have to be ready to on occasion get your tail chewed out, but it’s one group of guys that understand what they’re doing. I think that’s the bottom line of this thing. To me, it’s the way you approach your job that this is an everyday thing. It’s a way to get better in these little increments, and that’s what we’re really striving for. I tell them, ‘Every time you come to the practice field, you should have one little specific thing you’re trying to improve on as a player. That might be your stance. It might be your key; it might be your get-off. I don’t care what it is, but you should always come out here with one thing you’re trying to improve on as a player.’ We have different things as a unit that we’re trying to improve on, but that’s individual. That collective improvement is what we’re seeking out. I think they’ve worked really hard at this point, and we still have a long way to go. I’m happy with the way they’ve done their business.”

Q: What have you seen from Tyson Jackson at this point? He really hasn’t lived up to expectations.

SUTTON: “That’s in some people’s view. I think Tyson has had a great camp. We think Tyson is a really, really good football player. I know a lot of times, when you’re picked that high or when you’re a d-lineman, you’re judged on sacks. There is a lot more to football than sacks. A lot of it is simply affecting the quarterback as opposed to sacking the quarterback. There are other things that have to happen first. A lot of the dirty work has to happen on those first and second downs in there to get you that position where you can go after the quarterback, but overall, I think he’s done a great job. I think if he stays on course of what he’s doing, he’s got chance to have a really good football season.”

Q: How would you describe your defense?

SUTTON: “It’s based out of 3-4. That’s the personnel that we select off. We’re more multiple than just 3-4 without much imagination. We try to do a lot of different things that encompass the same kind of techniques and adjustments, particularly for the up-front guys. It goes on as we get into the sub and the third down we have some more multiple things, pressures, etc. that we try to do. I would guess you’d say it’s multiple in nature, but it’s based out of a 3-4 personnel.”


Special Teams Coordinator Dave Toub
OTA Quotes
May 28, 2013

Q: Who is number one on the depth chart right now for kickoff returns?

TOUB: “There’s a bunch of guys. We’re looking at (Knile) Davis really hard. We want to see what he looks like. He’s looking pretty good. We just picked up Quintin Demps. He’s a guy the other day that we threw in there and he looked good too. It’s so early right now with the shorts on. There are a lot of guys that look good. We just have to wait and see.”

Q: Since Davis has had problems with fumbling in the past, how can you evaluate him with just shorts on and no hitting?

TOUB: “That’s what I mean. That’s pretty much what I’m saying. We have a long way to go. We have to find out when the bullets start flying live is this guy going to be able to hold onto the ball. That’s going to be the key on kickoff returns.”

Q: How much is there for a guy starting from scratch to learn?

TOUB: “That’s a good question. There’s a lot to learn. It’s a totally different feel. He’s got the ball in his hand like a running back, but still it’s different. It’s about closing that distance, getting north and south real quick. There are a lot of collisions out there. You get guys running 10-15 yards full speed at you, and it’s a lot different than it is at running back. There will be a learning curve for him, and when the live bullets start coming is when he’s going to start to improve and we’ll see what we have.”

Q: What about punt returns?

TOUB: “Punt returns is Dexter (McCluster). Dexter is looking good. He’s doing a good job catching. He hasn’t been catching that much as far as catching punts the last two years, so we’re kind of dusting him off in that area. He has all the skills that you like to see in a punt returner.”

Q: Anything out of Devon Wylie?

TOUB: “Yeah. He’s running number two right now. He’s doing a little bit better job catching every ball. Punt returner is such a high stress position. You have to have a lot of confidence back there as a catcher, and you get that from practice. That’s what we’re working towards.”

Q: How big of cornerstones are Dustin Colquitt and Ryan Succop for this unit?

TOUB: “Key guys. Both of them are doing a great job for us. I’m not sure I’ve ever had a punter like him just by the way the ball flies off his foot. He’s a bomber. He can flip the field for you. He’s definitely a guy that we’re happy to have. Ryan is doing a good job. He’s spent a lot of time with Kevin O’Dea, my assistant who is the kicking coach, so to speak. He’s really buying in to what we’re trying to get done out there.”

Q: Last few years have been a little less productive for Ryan. Have you seen anything on tape from Ryan? How much competition do you see there?

TOUB: “With Ryan, we’re not going to bring anybody in. Ryan is our kicker. That’s the way we’re looking at it. I’ve got a good kicker, good punter. We’re just going to let those guys get to know us. We’re going to get to know them. Those are our guys.”

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