Kansas Defensive Players Quoting from Orange Bowl

RUSSELL BRORSEN On the multiple offensive line combinations used by Virginia Tech this year due to injury: "At the end of the year they were finally a very good line. They opened big holes for their running game and pass blocked well. They got it figured out." So you can tell the difference from mid-season on? "You can definitely tell. Once they got it figured out they started to put up more points. There were bigger running lanes. Everything seemed to work...That's not a good thing to try and piece together. I think they got it figured out and they are doing a very good job right now." How do they stack up with Big 12 teams? "I can't tell you that until we play them. They've very big and they're very athletic. They have a few ex-tight ends in there. They can run. They can move. They'll hit you. They're a good offensive line." On if he ever thought this season would have ended up in the Orange Bowl: "Back in August people asked this sort of thing and, I wasn't calling for an undefeated season, but I said that I think we have a chance to win every game that we were going to play. Being in the Orange Bowl, I would have said I'd be very excited about it, but I wouldn't have called you crazy." LINEBACKER MIKE RIVERA On Virginia Tech's two quarterbacks" "This year we've faced both kinds of quarterbacks. We've had a month to prepare and we've prepared for both sides of the passing game and the running game, and the quarterback game. We've prepared for it all. We've just to read our keys when we're out there." On how Virginia Tech compares to teams they have played in 2007: "They do so many things well on defense and a special teams. Their offense is solid. I feel like we've played teams just as good. I'm going to go in there expecting their best effort. I'm going to give my best effort and it is going to be a fight to the finish." Are they one of the more balanced offense you have seen? "I don't think that you can compare them top anybody that we've played but they are relatively balanced." On what has keyed their defensive success. "We study a lot of film. We get in the film room every day and we memorize the offense. We know our keys. We read things right and don't make a lot of mistakes." --THE ROAD TO GLORY IS PAVED WITH ORANGES-- Orange Bowl Committee 703 Waterford Way, Suite 590, Miami, Florida 33126 Tel 305.341.4700 Fax 305.341.4750 www.orangebowl.org 2 LINEBACKER JOE MORTENSEN On bowling.. “I did alright, my best score was a 160.” On health… “I’m feeling great, the warm weather been nice and for the last month we have been rehabbing and conditioning so we all feel great.” On sporting a Mohawk… “It’s funny because I have a Mohawk, but I have a bald spot too.” CORNERBACK AQIB TALIB On confidence… “Once you start second guessing yourself you have already lost the battle, its more of a mental thing. You either have that confidence or you don’t and that what makes cornerbacks.” On KU offense vs. VT defense overshadowing KU defense… “That’s what it is, it’s our number two offense versus their number two defense. We are secondary to the game and we’ll take it. It’s the matchup everyone wants to see and we don’t feel overshadowed. We are going to do our part and go play hard and I’m sure Virginia Tech offense are going to do the same. On VT quarterback tandem… “It kind of helps and hurt you. It’s hard to play against two quarterbacks, its game planning for two offense, but it also gives you tendency because you know what each guy likes to do.” On the intriguing matchup… “It’s the Orange Bowl. Its the first time Kansas and Virginia Tech play each other and it will be the first time a Kansas team win 12 games.”

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