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Check out this massive gator caught strolling around Florida

Maryland public school worker speaks out after tweet gets her fired

January 16, 2017, might be the "Bluest Monday" ever, expert says

This gator's bladder reminded a Cleveland weatherman the dangers of dealing with animals on Live TV

Phoenix's proposed "Shoot a snake" bill causing controversy

How high is too high for a pile of chicken droppings?

Sexual assault question part of math homework assignment

Jimmy John's workers fired after video showed them jumping rope with dough

Taco Bell to offer taco shell made entirely out of fried chicken

KC-area bandit returns to the scene of the crime wearing stolen leotards

Tom Hiddleston sorry for 'inelegantly expressed' speech

Paris police: 17 arrested over Kardashian West jewelry heist

The behavior making work even more stressful

Trump's slam on Schwarzenegger's ratings

Yahoo Finance deletes Trump-related tweet that included racist slur

Frightening video shows rabid bobcat attack Florida wildlife officer

Caught on camera: Rolling spool passes cars on highway

WATCH THIS: Toddler saves brother trapped under dresser

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