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Sibling Rivalry: Hunter Brothers Making Each Other Better

Posted: 2:15 AM May 9, 2013
Reporter: J.B. Bauersfeld

Topeka (WIBW) --- The sibling rivaly, a conflict as old as Cain and Abel; but at the High School level brothers team up more often than going head to head. That isn't the case for the Hunter brother of Hayden though.

Blake and Tommy have faced off five times already this season and could make it six this weekend at the state tournament.

"It's actually pretty cool," said Tommy Hunter. "cause not many brothers get to do that and show what they have against one another."

"It's really good. We actually share a room so we have to talk to each other," said Blake Hunter. "So we have to talk after the matches. We're not like girls where we can hold a grudge (not to be sexist or anything)."

James Sandstrom, the brothers coach chimed in "it's been a lot easier with Tommy around. Those two are so competitive, not only on game day, but they're so competitive at practice that they get better every day."

Tommy, a freshman has actually gotten the better of his older brother, posting a 4-and-1 record versus Blake, a Junior.

"It's actually really frustrating, every single time I lose" said Blake "it gets worse every time."

"I know it's really hard for him, it's definintely harder being the older brother." said Tommy.
Tommy's latest win was at the regional finals on Monday, a 3-hour, 3-set match that, understandably go to Blake. "Well, we didn't talk" laughed Blake. "I went straight home and was pretty reserved. He doesn't rub it in too much"

Tommy quipped "He didn't talk to me for a couple days, and it was kind of tough to me, but I just kept my mouth shut."

At just 5'5" and outweighed by 40 pounds, discretion like that may be a better weapon than any shot he has on the court. Because after all, Tommy is still the younger brother.

Tennis runs in the family too; older sister Paige just finished a successful high school career and younger sister Brooklyn is one of the top middle school players in the Missouri Valley.
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