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Big 12 Working On Preffered Bowl Line, Schedules

Posted: 3:50 PM Jan 29, 2013
Reporter: Stephen Hawkings, Associated Press Writer

IRVING, Texas (AP) _ The Big 12 is working to determine its preferred bowl lineup with the anticipation that the Cotton Bowl will become part of college football's new playoff system.

Big 12 athletic directors wrapped up a two-day meeting Tuesday with a 2{-hour discussion about their bowl alignment. Under current arrangements through the 2013 season, the Cotton Bowl gets the top pick of league teams not in the BCS.

Commissioner Bob Bowlsby says it's a ``fair projection'' the Alamo Bowl in San Antonio, which now has the next pick after the Cotton Bowl, or the Meineke Bowl in Houston could move up in the picking order.

Bowlsby says it's also a priority for the league to get a spot in a Florida bowl game.

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