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Kansas Prep Zone Thursday Night Scores

Posted: 10:51 PM Jan 10, 2013
Reporter: Associated Press
RAW T-West at Hi Park
T-West at Hi Park Highlights

^By The Associated Press=
Burlington 88, Fredonia 18
Highland Park 100, Topeka West 45
Hyman Brand 48, Kansas Deaf 23
Minneapolis 57, Clay Center 35
Blue Valley Southwest 29, Blue Valley Stilwell 27
BV North 60, BV West 38
Gardner-Edgerton 42, BV Northwest 34
Highland Park 48, Topeka West 43
SM Northwest 55, SM South 41
SM West 36, SM East 32
Sunrise Christian 68, Wichita Defenders 54
^Bethel Tournament=
Heritage Hall, Okla. 72, Word of Life 23

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