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Nebraska at Kearney Sweeps Washburn

Posted: 10:56 PM Feb 8, 2014
Reporter: MIAA Communications

WBB – UNK 61, WU 53
Nebraska-Kearney held Washburn to just 21 first half points as they picked up a victory on the road. UNK allowed just six first half field goals as they moved to 4-10 in the league this season.

For the Lopers Amarah Williams had 21 points and eight rebounds and Shelby Zimmerman had 15 points and nine boards. Nicole Arp had 13 points and dished out a game high six assists. For the Ichabods Brittney Lynch had a double-double with 16 points and 13 rebounds. Honor Duvall had 10 points and Casyn Buchman pulled down six rebounds.

MBB – UNK 90, WU 84
Nebraska-Kearney erased a seven-point halftime deficit as they picked up a victory on the road at Washburn. UNK put up 51 second half points and shot .519 from the field as they moved to 7-7 in league play.

For the Lopers Connor Beranek had a double-double scoring 18 points and pulling down 10 rebounds. Davion Pearson had 16 points, Tyler Shields added 14 points and Ethan Brozak finished with 12 points. For the Ichabods Alex North led the way with 31 points and eight rebounds. Kyle Wiggins had 19 points and dished out six assists while Korey Fisher finished with 11 points.

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