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First DII Football Regional Rankings Released

Posted: 4:52 PM Oct 28, 2013
Reporter: Emporia State Sports Information

October 28, 2013-The first official NCAA Division II Regional Rankings are out and the undefeated Emporia State football team is ranked ninth in Super Region 3. The Hornets, who are ranked #14 in the latest AFCA National Poll, will play three of the teams in front of them over the next three weeks.

Super Region 3 Rankings D2 Record Overall Record

1 Northwest Missouri State (2) 8-0 8-0

2 Minnesota State-Mankato (1) 8-0 8-0

3 Minnesota Duluth (6) 7-1 7-1

4 St. Cloud State (21) 7-1 7-1

5 Henderson State (4) 8-0 8-0

6 Pittsburg State (7) 6-1 7-1

7 Missouri Western State (12) 7-1 7-1

8 Washburn (8) 8-0 8-0

9 Emporia State (14) 7-0 7-0

10 Harding 5-2 5-2

(AFCA Poll)

Super Region 3 is the only region in the nation with the top nine teams all ranked in the 25 of the nation according to the AFCA Poll.

The Hornets take on Missouri Western, who is ranked seventh in the region and 12th in the country on Saturday in St. Joseph, Mo.

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